Your 5 MSP marketing priorities for summer 2021

Bullet point list: Your 5 MSP marketing priorities for summer 2021

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That's what every MSP wants.

And quite right too. Getting new clients is the one of the only three ways to grow your business, as identified by legendary marketing Jay Abraham:

  • Get more new clients
  • Get your existing clients to buy more often
  • Get your existing clients to spend more every time they buy

Most MSP owners are fine to convert a good prospect into a client. The issue is always generating quality leads and getting them onto a video call.

I have a proven 3 step process for MSP Marketing. It sits at the heart of everything I teach and do:

  1. Build multiple audiences: At the very least your email database and LinkedIn
  2. Build a relationship with those audiences: Through educational content delivered on a regular basis
  3. Commercialise those audiences: By targeting them with multi-step marketing campaigns and calling them, so you get in front of the right person at exactly the right moment they are ready to take action

But the big question from this then becomes - practically, how do you implement this? What should you actually do every day?

Ready for summer 2021, here are what I believe your 5 MSP marketing priorities should be. These bullet points are based on in-depth conversations and consults with hundreds of MSPs worldwide over the last five years.

The 5 most critical marketing priorities for a systematic, consistent MSP marketing machine

  1. Get your website sorted:
    • Needs to appeal to ordinary decision makers at an emotional level
    • Attention grabbing headline
    • Video of social proof (client testimonials + case studies)
    • Pictures of real people (you and your staff)
    • Human stories
    • Benefits not features (no-one buys technology… they buy the outcomes)
    • Clear call to action
  1. Make the most of the world’s greatest prospecting database – LinkedIn:
    • Fully finished profile
    • Professional head shot
    • Daily commitment to the 3 Cs:
      • Connect: Add new people
      • Content: Post daily
      • Contact: Use messaging to build relationships
  1. Build an email database:
    • Stop overthinking your CRM and just use MailChimp 😀
    • Gather every contact you’ve ever had and pop them in
    • Automatically add every future lead and prospect you speak to
    • Build your email database by offering an “ethical bribe” in return for their contact details
    • Understand that traffic isn’t free these days. You must spend cash or time to generate it
  1. Get into the rhythm of sending out educational content:
    • Daily: Social media
    • Weekly: Educational email
    • Monthly: Printed newsletter
  1. Phone your audiences
    • Hire a back to work mum to work 2-3 hours a day, 2-3 days a week
    • Phone everyone in your databases. This is relationship building, not sales
    • Use the “1-10 question” to spot opportunities

The outcome you're working towards is to book a 15 minute video call with the MSP owner / salesperson. You can work your magic from there.

I've linked to some useful resources across my website. You'll have questions. That's cool. Join 1,275 other MSPs in my free MSP Marketing Facebook group and you can ask as many questions as you like, there.