You need to develop Teflon shoulders

Paul Green Uncategorized

As the business owner, one of your core responsibilities is to lead the business towards even greater success in the future.

By setting a vision (an intangible dream for the future).

By setting SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timebound).

By leading your team towards those goals.

By driving action and implementation.

But it’s not your job to physically do every single task that needs to be done along the way. Some things have to be done by you. But fewer than you think.

If you’re busy doing every little task, you’ll be too exhausted to be an effective leader. You’ll always find someone else to do tasks. But no-one else is capable of leading your business. Only you.

So one of your priorities should be to develop Teflon shoulders. A job seems to land on you, but it slips off again. And someone else picks it up instead.

This means a relentless focus on DOA.

No, I don’t mean Dead On Arrival. That’s what you’ll be if you don’t develop Teflon shoulders.

I mean…

Delegate: Delegate the task not the responsibility. Use task management software to keep track of what is due when. And develop a ruthless reputation for chasing on deadline.

Outsource: There’s always an expert who can do a better job in half the time. Or cheaper labour elsewhere in the world. This is the beauty of PeoplePerHour.com and virtual assistants.

Automate: What tasks can software do for you, without humans having to be involved? What other repeated tasks can be removed through automation? We live in a golden age of software doing stuff for us. In essence, we’re limited by our imagination only. The tools are awesome.