Wingman vs MSP Marketing Edge: Which is best for your MSP's website?

Wingman MSP Marketing vs MSP Marketing Edge [2023]: Which is best for your MSP’s website?

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Need to get your website fixed? Many MSPs turn to Wingman MSP and the MSP Marketing Edge. Here's a comparison

The most basic piece of marketing you have to get right is your MSP's website. It's your shop front; the cover to your book. And prospects really do judge the book by the cover. If your website is bad then your marketing results will equally be bad.

In this guide we're comparing Wingman MSP Marketing, an MSP website specialist, with the MSP Marketing Edge, a service that gives you marketing content, and tools for your website.

Let's be transparent: This article has been written by the team behind the MSP Marketing Edge. Our goal is to give a fully balanced view. This review is based on information available on websites and Google Reviews.

The service: Wingman

Wingman MSP

Wingman MSP Marketing was started in 2017. It's based in the UK and works with MSPs all over the world.

Founder Dave Sutton originally started in banking, and moved into the tech world after the banking crisis of 2008. He worked for a couple of MSPs before starting Wingman.

In 2022 he was joined by business partner Mark Copeman, a serial entrepreneur behind Customer Thermometer and the Helpdesk Habits book and training.

Seperately the pair are both impressive characters - together they are unbeatable. Mark acts as the front man at events and forums across the globe, while Dave focuses on leading client delivery.

Wingman makes it very easy for an MSP to see what marketing help is available to them. Every new relationship starts with a free website review and action plan, recorded by Mark on video. If you have no idea where to start with your marketing, this is is highly recommended.

Next, Dave will take you through their proven message builder process, to figure out how to reach prospects and set up more meetings. This is a paid service that delivers you a detailed action plan.

From there, many MSPs go on to become clients of Wingman. They get a new website built, have their messaging and branding refreshed, and enjoy a variety of marketing services to drive traffic, create social proof, and generate more prospect meetings.

Wingman is so confident it guarantees its service: If you're anything other than ecstatic in your first 30 days, they'll immediately refund your first payment.

The service: MSP Marketing Edge

MSP Marketing Edge

The MSP Marketing Edge does not build websites or offer any kind of bespoke service. Instead, it delivers MSPs all the content and marketing tool they need to get their marketing done.

The service creates hundreds of pieces of marketing materials every month and gives them to all members. Critically, it only works with one MSP per area so there is never any kind of clash with multiple MSPs in the same area using the same materials. If your area has already been locked by a competitor, you can join a waiting list.

When you become a member, you receive the strategy and support you need to attract new clients and retain existing clients. There's also a community of 700+ non-competing MSP owners. And unlimited support from owner Paul Green and his team.

The MSP Marketing Edge has an online portal. That's where you access new marketing content for its Weekly Marketing System every Thursday, with an additional set of content delivered on the 10th of every month. There's also a library of evergreen marketing tools, including lead generation campaigns, a book called Email Hijack, and an IT Services Buyer's Guide that you can brand as your own.

You also get more than 100 technology videos to enhance your website's credibility. And smart web tools such as a password checker, Have I Been Pwned email checker, and a pricing/downtime calculator. The team are adding new items to improve your marketing all the time.

The MSP Marketing Edge has a 100% total protection, Triple Guarantee:

Guarantee 1: If you follow our advice and use just a fraction of the content and tools on offer, you’ll improve your marketing, generate new leads, and create new revenue in your first 90 days. If you don’t, we’ll return every penny you’ve paid.

Guarantee 2: You’ll feel you’re always making progress as a member of the MSP Marketing Edge community. If you don’t feel that way at any point, tell us, and you’ll get immediate 121 attention from an implementation expert. They’ll chat to you on email or a video call (whichever you prefer) to help make your marketing easy.

Guarantee 3: Your direct competitors are locked out and can’t use this while you’re an active member. There’s no contract, cancel any time.

The cost: Wingman

Like many full service MSP marketing agencies, Wingman does not publish prices on its website.

Of course, asking the cost of MSP marketing is like asking the cost of managed services... the answer is "it depends"!

It's likely that Wingman builds a bespoke package for every client based on the findings from its discovery process, and the MSP's needs and wants.

The cost: MSP Marketing Edge

The MSP Marketing Edge has clear and transparent pricing. It's a subscription business, with a fixed monthly payment. At time of writing this is just £99 + vat for MSPs in the UK, and US$129 for MSPs everywhere else in the world.

Every new member enjoys a 30 day free trial, and is protected by the guarantee of no contract, cancel any time.

This is immense value for the huge amount of marketing materials and support that's included. Because the service has more than 700 non-competing members, it can deliver massive value all the time.

What MSPs say

Both Wingman and MSP Marketing Edge have an impressive number of Google Reviews.

At time of writing, Wingman has 19 reviews with an average score of 4.9. This is their most recent review:


Meantime, MSP Marketing Edge (through its parent company Paul Green's MSP Marketing) enjoys an average score of 5.0, from 73 reviews.

Again, here's the most recent review:

MSP Marketing Edge most recent review

About the people behind the services

Dave Sutton and Mark Copeman of Wingman are both well known in the UK tech world, and Mark is becoming infamous worldwide. He's a regular and popular speaker at tech events and a prolific contributor to The Tech Tribe, where he does website reviews for MSP members. Mark's also the author of MSP Secrets Revealed, and the upcoming episode 2 of this book series.

MSP Marketing Edge's Paul Green also lives in the UK. He sold a previous marketing business in 2016 and jumped into the channel. Paul is active on Facebook inside his MSP Marketing group, also contributes to The Tech Tribe, and has seen 150,000+ downloads of his MSP Marketing Podcast.

Fun fact: Dave, Mark and Paul all know each other and often work behind the scenes to help MSPs who work with both their businesses. They all spoke on the same stage at the 2023 SuperOps SuperConference.