Dream 100 for MSPs

Why your MSP needs a Dream 100

Paul Green Uncategorized

Do you know who's in your Dream 100?

I'm not actually talking about celebrities you'd like to date. Although having said that, there is some 'wooing' involved.

The concept of having a Dream 100 comes from what is, in my opinion, the book on B2B selling - The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes.

The idea of the Dream 100 is that you go and find yourself a core group of prospects who are so important to you, you've got to turn them into clients.

Now, it doesn't have to be 100. For the purpose of your MSP's marketing strategy, it could be 20, 50, 70.

WATCH: Paul explains how to woo your Dream 100.

But the idea is that you pull together this group of people you'd most like to do business with, and you super-serve them as prospects.

You email them every week. You send them your printed newsletter in the post. You message them on LinkedIn. You turn up on their doorstep with two dozen red roses (that's a joke, by the way. I said 'super-serve', not 'stalk').

Essentially, you give them a disproportionate amount of your marketing attention.

Because prospects only buy when they're ready to buy. And your number one marketing goal is to stay in front of them until they are (explained in detail here).

Lavishing your Dream 100 with attention is the way to make sure that at the exact moment they're ready to switch from their incumbent MSP over to someone new, they pick you.

So, spend some time figuring out your Dream 100, because in my experience it's an incredibly powerful and focusing thing to do.

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