Which is better for MSPs: Syndicated blogs or original content?

Which is better for MSPs: Syndicated blogs or original content?

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Ever wondered why you should blog regularly and what kind of content to write about? Here are super short answers about MSP blogging

There are lots of different ways to get blog content onto your MSP's website. Let me give you super short answers to some of the most frequent questions about this.

Why do I need blog content?

Up-to-date blog content on your website shows your MSP is active. It can also be great for demonstrating expertise and authority in technology. Blog content can also sit at the heart of a regular marketing system - for example you can send out emails and post social media driving traffic back to your blogs.

How often should I post content?

The best cadance is once a week.

What is syndicated content?

This is content written by a business such as my own MSP Marketing Edge, where one piece of content is used on many diferent websites. You add a little code to the blog to tell Google that it's an authorised copy of the original blog. This means they don't penalise you for using duplicate content, but the flip side is there's very little SEO benefit.

Which is better, syndicated blogs or original content?

  • Original content is always better than

  • Syndicated content which is always better than

  • No content

What's the best way to get original content written?

Write it yourself. Or if that's a distress activity, find a writer on Fiverr or Upwork. Get them to interview you over Zoom about a specific subject and record it. They can suck the knowledge out of your head and write it for you.

Where do I get content ideas from?

Your clients and prospects. Listen to the questions they most frequently ask and write answers to those questions. This article was inspired by someone asking me about this subject earlier this week. Here's another way to generate content ideas.