What do you see here?

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This isn't a trick question. What do you see here?

Is it an Acorn or Squirrel food? | Paul Green's MSP Marketing

Some people see an acorn.

Some people see squirrel food.

Others see it as a potential oak tree.

And others still, see a potential forest in waiting.

This tiny little acorn has the potential to be huge. To grow into something that will be valuable to thousands.

Now think of that acorn as your MSP.

And your job, as the leader of the MSP, is to paint a picture to your staff.

Don't let them see the business as the acorn it is today. Let them see it as a potential tree, or a potential forest.

Creating a clear vision like this is one of the most powerful things you can do as a leader.

An inspiring vision makes it easier to set strong goals, which lead to the right strategies, and the tactics sort themselves out from there.

Most business owners jump straight into tactical stuff. It always pays off to take time to paint a detailed vision first, and work down from there.