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What are people doing on your MSP’s website?

Paul Green Uncategorized

Wouldn't it be awesome to know exactly what prospects are doing on your MSP's website when they visit it?

The reason that would be 'awesome' is because your website is the most important weapon in your MSP's marketing armoury.

It's your book cover, your shop window, your album sleeve (for those of us who started listening to music before Spotify was invented). 

But whatever analogy you want to use, your website is the first thing most people see of you and your MSP, so knowing what's working - and more importantly, what isn't working - is vital.

WATCH: Paul explains website tracking heat maps, and the even better option - in 60 seconds.

Sadly, websites age in dog years. Which means if your site was last revamped three years ago, it's aged 21 years already. Yes, it's that bad.

I say 'sadly', because I do appreciate the time, effort and money that go into building a website. But even so, a website is never 'finished'.

It can't just be left gathering dust. It needs adjusting every so often (case in point, one of my team messaged me the other day to say they thought the picture of me on our homepage should be 'facing the other way'. Devil's in the detail.).

And knowing how people use it is a brilliant guide for you when it comes to knowing what does/doesn't need adjusting.

So, how can you find that out?

Well, you may have tried to find this information before in Google Analytics, but quite frankly, it's virtually impossible to see the wood for the trees using that.

What's so much more useful is the whole breed of website tracking software out there that you can embed into your website, which will show you two critical things;

  1. A heat map, i.e it will show you the 'hot' areas people are looking at and what they're clicking on.
  2. Much more importantly, it will show you videos of people using your website.

Yes, that's right,  you literally see people using your website.

Now, you can't actually 'see' the people involved. There's no hidden cameras or you hiding behind their living room curtains involved.

But what you do see is a recording of how they've used your website. You watch their mouse go between things, you see them scrolling up and down.

Heat maps are still great for an oversight, but there's absolutely no substitute for watching it happen in realtime.

There are so many different services out there that you can use for this. My favourite is Hotjar, and it's what I use for this website (so I could be watching you right now. Try not to be scared.).

But I also know people who use Lucky Orange, Crazy Egg and Mouse Flow (I promise you I haven't made any of those names up, either).

So, give it a go, and if you have time, let me know how you get on, email me anytime at , or join 1,900+ other MSPs in my MSP Marketing Facebook group today for some fellow MSP-owner comradery.