What a reviewer sees when they look at your MSP's website

What a reviewer sees when they look at your MSP’s website

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One of my favourite repeat jobs every month is doing an in-depth website review for a member of my MSP Marketing Edge (we hold a members-only draw every month, and I do a full video review of every page of their website).

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It's a favourite job of mine because I know how vital it is to get your website fixed. It's an MSP marketing fundamental.

There are many, many things that will screw up your lead generation. And most of those problems start with your website.

You see, your website is your single most important marketing element. Even people who are referred to you will still check out your website. It's your shop window; the cover of your book.

And remember, ordinary business owners and managers judge the book by the cover. If your website is tired, timid & too technical... you'll lose valuable prospects within seconds of them landing on your site.

These are some of the most important things I look for when I'm reviewing a website. Use this as a checklist for yours

Humans: People buy from people. So put lots of people on your site. Real people, not stock images. That means you and your staff. Show us what you look like and tell us your stories. Humans engage with other humans and stories. Our brains are hard wired that way. And the more they engage, the more likely they are to buy from you (as ordinary business owners and managers make emotional decisions about which MSP to choose, not cognitive ones).

Standoutability: There are plenty of MSPs to choose from. What makes you the best choice in your area? What makes you different? The obvious choice? If you look and feel the same as all the other MSPs, you'll be stuck in the "samey bucket" in people's minds. Samey kills sales.

Images and videos: Again, no stock images. But lots of real photos and preferably videos as well. In 2022, a business that doesn't use videos on its website is falling behind.

Social proof: Testimonials, reviews and case studies. Get as many as you can and sprinkle them on every page.

CTA: Your Call To Action is the thing you want them to do after visiting your site. The best CTA right now is to embed your live calendar and let them book a 15 minute video call with you. Put this on every page.

Compelling content: This means up-to-date blog content (new content at least weekly) and authority content, such as a IT services buyer's guide.

Data capture: It's hard to get people to hand over their email address. Hard, but not impossible. Offer them an ethical bribe - something they get in return for joining your email database. An educational book is great for this.

Simple navigation in the correct order: Home, services, blog, about, contact. That's it, in that order. Minimise sub menus where possible. You can have a thousand pages under that structure. The more complex the navigation, the fewer people will battle their way through it.

Interaction: Live chat is a good call these days (so long as there's someone at the other end - outsource this if needed). Consider interactive quizzes or calculators and of course link to your social media accounts.

Trust badges: Show the logos of clients or suppliers that will make you more trustable by association. If it's vendors, then pick vendors ordinary people will have heard of (Microsoft). But client logos will always be better.

Notice some of the items that aren't in that checklist. Notably "a cool logo", "pictures of technology" and "boxes displaying the services you offer". These things aren't as important as you think.

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