Watch: Why this MSP has totally embraced HubSpot CRM

Watch: Why this MSP has totally embraced HubSpot CRM

Paul Green Content, getting new clients, selling more to existing clients

Meet Kevin Landers. He's one of the lovely members of my MSP Marketing Edge service.

And he's a HUGE fan of HubSpot, the marketing platform and CRM. I've been following along in our members-only Facebook group over the last few months as Kevin has implemented much of his marketing, always with HubSpot right at the centre.

He even arranged an MSP Marketing Edge HubSpot users group. Fantastic 😃

Kevin is very generous and agreed to jump on a video with me to describe why he picked HubSpot as his CRM, and how he maxes it.

We're not selling HubSpot here! Just showing you how one MSP is really benefitting from it. We talk about the disadvantages of HubSpot as much as the advantages.

This is the article I mention in the video:
The ultimate guide to picking a CRM for your MSP

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