"Awake at 3am feeling lonely running a small team. This is what I did about it."

The War Room - Your MSP's secret weapon

Introducing The War Room

It's an ongoing programme to help you grow your net profit, solve your staff and operational issues and make your MSP THRIVE when you're not there

From the desk of Paul Green

There's an unlimited source of net profit for every MSP owner. Here's how to access it

Paul Green's MSP Marketing

Hello, I'm Paul Green, one of the world's leading MSP marketing experts.

I've worked closely with MSPs for a number of years now. And I've noticed a worrying trend that's afflicting thousands of MSP owners.

These are business owners who on the surface have great businesses. The kind of businesses that others in the profession admire from a distance. They're well run and profitable.

But there's a price to pay for this. Because underneath the calm on the surface, the business is riddled with constant, never ending problems.

Staff; recruitment; controlling the chaos; getting techs to follow processes; attracting new clients; trying to grow monthly recurring revenue (MRR); etc etc...

The net effect, is that the business requires an enormous amount of time and energy to keep it running at such a high level of quality.

Am I describing your MSP?

There are several different levels of MSP ownership.

Some owners are stuck doing technical work 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year. They are working their way towards the inevitable breakdown or major health scare. And don't even get me started on them personally doing a "small favour" for an annoying client, at 8pm on a Sunday evening...

Others have escaped the worst extreme of the intense support demands. But the business still desperately needs them every day. In effect, they have created a prison of their own design... and have then locked themselves inside.

And then there are those who have figured out how to run the business at a higher level. But because they have so many clients and staff, there's always something that's falling over somewhere.

In fact, far too many MSP owners - even the successful ones - still suffer from these three core problems.

1) Not enough personal reward

Your business might churn out a good level of net profit (and therefore personal income for you). But it's not as efficient as it could be. And there's a good reason for that...

2) Little time to sweat your assets

All your work time is taken up keeping the business running well. So you have virtually no time to get better at winning new clients, growing your MRR, etc. And the knock on effect of this is...

3) Low amounts of personal time

Even if you only do a restricted amount of technical work these days, the business still seems to suck much of your life and energy from you. Your family are desperate for this to change...

Haree Patel - iceconnect

"Game changing! In fact, I should leave a one star review so less people join meaning less competition for me, because he's that good.

"If you are ready to put in the effort, Paul can without a doubt help turn your business around."



There is another way. And I want to help you find it

You see, I'm working right now with a growing number of MSP owners, who are battling against this horrifying trend.

They're generating more net profit. Taking more personal income out of the business. And taking more time off because they have fewer staff problems and client demands to deal with.

Many of them are even taking more than one holiday a year, Covid-permitting! (interestingly, those that do have lots of holidays typically see their businesses grow faster... that's not by chance; the two things are totally connected)

So what are these business owners doing differently to you? Simple. They are regularly stepping back, and spending a little time every day working ON the business instead of just IN in (in it = technical work and the dreaded "admin").

The War Room is carefully designed to improve these critical 8 core pillars of your business

1) Create an unlimited tap of new clients

You'll discover exactly how to get new clients, any time you want them. You just turn on the "new client tap".

This is about building multiple audiences of prospects using your website, Facebook and LinkedIn. And then educating and entertaining these audiences, so that at the point they're ready to pick a new IT support company, yours is the first name in their mind.

2) Don't annoy clients with poor communication

It's baffling why most MSPs tolerate weak communications from some of their team on the phone, and in tickets.

You'll discover how to systemise effective client communication by getting your team to communicate in the most appropriate way to the person they're dealing with. No more listening to their calls and cringing!

3) Get more tickets closed, more quickly

Sometimes staff increase the amount of work that needs to be done, to fill the time available. Your goal is to detect this and stop it. So you can assess what technical capacity you actually have (and then sell it).

You'll discover how to focus your support team on good ticket behaviour and how to get them to volunteer when there's nothing to do.

4) Constantly add new MRR (monthly recurring revenue)

MRR is the best thing about running an MSP. It makes life so much easier! You should be aiming to add new streams of MRR on a regular basis.

You'll discover a stunning number of new services you can sell to your existing clients with very little impact on your technical team. And the best way to package services together, and position them.

5) Systemise upselling with strategic reviews for clients

If you can get even half of your clients to buy an extra service every year, the financial fortunes of your business will change for ever. Good upselling needs to be done systematically, in a way that doesn't alert the client that you're going to sell them something new. You'll discover how to turn the whole business into a selling machine, in a way that delights clients; rather than annoying them.

6) Improve your net profit margins (and personal income)

We've all had at least one month where we worked our socks off... and were horrified to discover there was no money left for us at the end of the month. That sucks. And it kills your love for the business.

You'll discover how to permanently boost net profit margins to either give you a greater personal income... or spend it on other people, buying back your time. Or both.

7) Get the most out of your staff (even the internal terrorists)

As much as we'd like to clone ourselves and do everything to our high personal standards, that's the route to a stroke or heart attack.

You'll discover how to get more out of your best staff, and fix (or fire) the worst. And no matter how difficult recruitment is, you shoudn't be scared of your bad staff leaving... you should be scared of them staying!

8) Live your life fully as an awesome partner and parent

The definition of success is having enough time and cash to do what you want to do; and meaningful work to give you a sense of achievement.

You'll discover the small tweaks that will give you an enviable work/life balance. Beautifully, when you get this right, it helps your staff do a better job (and be happier), and the business to grow faster and bigger.

Jean Eardley - Prompt PC

“Paul really knows how to move your business to the next level. Within the first month, we had made major changes to the running of our business, leaving us to take a well-deserved holiday for a couple of weeks without even having to contact or be contacted by the office.

"Paul will take you to where you want to be in your business and your life. Guaranteed. Just do it!”


This is very powerful stuff. And here's how we do it

There are 3 aspects to The War Room

3 Aspects to The War Room - Strategy


3 Aspects to The War Room - Action


3 Aspects to The War Room - Support



121 Marketing Assessment & Strategy Setting Session

1) 121 marketing assessment & strategy setting session

You'll benefit from an extensive 121 marketing assessment & strategy setting session with my right hand man, James Lyon.

James is my secret weapon. We've worked together for many years. He knows as much about strategic marketing for MSPs as I do. If I'm Steve Jobs, he's Tim Cook. We speak all day, every day about implementing marketing strategies and tactics - both for my business and the MSPs we work with.

We'll ask you to do a little prep to get the most out of your session. And then you'll have an extensive 121 over Zoom with James to assess where your marketing is right now; and set out a strategic plan to guide your MSP to:

  • Get more new clients
  • Get your clients to buy more
  • Get your clients to stay longer

Advanced Profit System roadmap

2) Advanced Profit System roadmap

The Advanced Profit System is the ultimate roadmap to grow your MSP. It’s an unrivalled, comprehensive list of strategic priorities, arranged in a simple visual format.

And it’s the most in-depth framework I’ve ever created. I hate to make it sound simple (as there is a lot of work for you to do) - but if you're looking for a growth plan for your MSP... this is it. Laid out on a single sheet of paper. Follow this plan and your net profit will grow. Because you will:

  • Systematically and consistently attract new leads, turn them into prospects, and then new clients
  • Account manage existing clients so well they constantly buy new services
  • Train and nurture your team until they are an absolute pleasure to work with
  • Have the freedom to work ON the business a lot more than you work IN the business

You'll get a PDF of the Advanced Profit System. Plus we'll pop a large wall chart in the post to you.

Strategy videos + action summaries

3) Strategy videos + action summaries

To bring the Advanced Profit System to life and make it utterly useful for you, each area has an accompanying strategy video.

There are 24 videos in total, all available from day one of your membership. In each powerful video, we deep dive into one of the subject areas. I share every drop of knowledge I have.

Plus each video is accompanied by an action summary you can use as a checklist. Tick it off as you make progress. You'll have these summaries as PDFs, and we'll send you a set in the post.

MSP Millionaire Audio Series

4) MSP Millionaire audio series

Hundreds of MSPs tell me they get their best inspiration listening to my podcast. So I'm recording the MSP Millionaire audio series, exclusively for members of The War Room.

Each of the 82 audio chapters + accompanying transcripts covers a strategic area of growing your MSP. It's designed to help you turn your MSP into a million pound / dollar business.

The idea is that you can immerse yourself in specific growth subjects while you're driving or exercising - a great time to learn.


Action & Accountability call every 2 weeks

5) Action & Accountability call every 2 weeks

To really Get Things Done, you need access to a brain trust who can answer your implementation questions, and remove all the mental blocks to progress.

So every two weeks you jump on a one hour Action & Accountability Zoom. It'll be between you, one of my growth experts and 3 or 4 other MSP owners.

It's the same people each call, so the group bonds together. The call happens on the same day and time; at 2 week intervals. Easy to diarise and plan around.

Throughout the call, there's a progress update from each MSP in the group. You’ll learn as much from discussing other MSPs' businesses, as you will discussing your own.

Each Action & Accountability call is structured to help you improve net profitability by tackling the small number of areas that make the biggest difference (the powerful theory of marginal gains).

A record of your intended actions

6) A record of your intended actions

At the end of each call, you declare no more than three things you'd like to get done before the next call.

This record of your intended actions are saved in a sheet that's shared only with your group. You can go back to it any time to remind yourself what you committed to do.

But more importantly - research into the psychology of motivation has shown that people who declare intended actions in front of a peer group are dramatically more likely to take action.

This is the least painful way of forcing yourself to do the things that make the biggest difference to your business! And remember, one of my core philosophies is DOA - Delegate, Outsource, Automate. We'll be pushing you to make sure things happen... but not to get trapped trying to do them yourself.

Wins and clever ideas

7) Wins and clever ideas

Every day I speak to MSPs in the UK, the US and all over the world. And I hear about their wins and clever ideas that they are trying.

So I share all of these with you. When you can see other MSPs are trying new things and having success with them, you will:

  • Feel inspired and be driven to try new things
  • See what to do. And more importantly what not to do
  • Be more likely to succeed, as there's evidence of others succeeding


A members-only vault overflowing with answers

8) A members-only vault overflowing with answers

For some time I've been extracting from my brain everything I know about growing an MSP. And documenting all the answers in a searchable web portal. The net result is a vault overflowing with answers - and an invaluable resource for you.

Because this gives you direct access to everything I know about marketing and growing a business. I don't pull any punches with my answers. I tell you exactly what best practice looks like, and specifically how to implement it.

I don't pretend to have all the answers, of course. But I have many of them. Every strategy, tactic and clever idea I've ever come across. Plus I'm adding to the vault daily... every time I talk to an MSP and think "that's a good idea', it all goes in the vault.

Situation Room briefing

9) Situation Room briefing

This popular members-only monthly Situation Room briefing call is an hour long Zoom, where I tell you what's working right now for MSPs all over the world.

I don't mean the "new shiny things". They're no help to you. I mean the solid, often boring marketing and growth strategies and tactics that are working. I tell you what they're doing and how they're doing it, so you can swipe the idea and implement it in your business.

You can join the briefings live to interact with me and ask questions. Each briefing is also recorded, transcribed, and lodged in the vault.

MSP Marketing Private Facebook Group

10) Private Facebook group

You'll enjoy access to an exclusive and private Facebook group, to discuss what you're learning and how to implement it, with other like minded MSPs.

This is great place to talk with other members, and discuss your marketing and growth issues directly with me.

I've made it safe and easy for you to try this out

UK members: £497 + vat a month

US & Canadian members: US$587 a month

No contract, cancel any time

Ben Schneider | ITGuys

“I find the meetings so energising! Just the ideas buzzing around. Brilliant!

"It really does work!"


Here's what to do next

Admission to The War Room is not for every MSP. We need to speak to you to check you're a good fit for us and the existing members.

And of course you need to check it's the right development programme for your business.

Ben Smith

Ben Smith

Set up a 15 minute business growth consultation phone call with my business partner, MSP growth specialist Ben Smith.

Ben’s live calendar is below. Pick a 15 minute phone call time that best suits you.