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Wanted: 3 IT support companies to trial a lead generation service

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One of my major service launches for 2017 will be a comprehensive and powerful lead generation system for IT support companies. It’ll strictly be open to only one company per geographical area.

This system will help you:

  • Identify prospects: Find out who is in the market for buying IT support or consultancy
  • Build a marketing database: Get them to tell you who they are, and give you their permission to market to them
  • Educate them: Teach them how to buy IT support or consultancy, in a way which positions your business as the no brainer choice
  • Turn them into clients: Be there in front of them at exactly the moment they are ready to buy

I’m looking for 3 companies, in different towns/cities to trial this system. It’s a chance to get it customised to your exact wants and needs.

If you’d like to have a no obligation discuss about being a trial client, please click here book a 20 minute conversation with me.

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