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Video: Use Facebook advertising to target local businesses

Paul Green Uncategorized

One of the most beautiful ways to get new clients right now is to use Facebook advertising. It’s a very cost effective tool, that allows you to get a specific message in front of a very targeted audience.

Yes, you can use it to reach the business owners or managers you most want to speak to (either in your local area, or your consultancy niche). They might not use Facebook for work, but they probably do use it personally. More than a billion people will use Facebook today.

I’ve created a new video that looks at the three ways to target prospective clients using Facebook advertising:

1) Reaching fresh new people
2) Custom audiences
3) Re-marketing using the Facebook pixel

In a future video, I’ll show you the kind of content you’d put in a Facebook advert.

At the end I mentioned my Discovery Days, a powerful and popular way to pull together the right goal, strategy and tactics to grow your IT support or IT consultancy business. You can see the full details here.

If you have any questions about Facebook advertising or the Discovery Days, email me hello@itsupportmarketing.co.uk or leave a comment below.