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Video: Direct mail for MSPs + Get New Clients Roadshow

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Final of my three videos today, on the subject of getting new clients.

The question from Simon O was: "Looking to direct mail (both email and postal) potential clients local to us, is there a good and accurate source of contact information we can access or is a manual Google of local businesses and collate our own list just as effective?"

Also in this video

Today I'm launching my brand new event, the MSP Get New Clients Roadshow.

It's a brand new event running from now through to summer 2020. Just three hours of your day, with a working lunch thrown in.

I’ll show you a proven 5 step system that’s being used right now, by dozens and dozens of MSPs across the UK. And even if you find marketing baffling, I’ll do it in a way that both educates and entertains you

All the details are here

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