Uber-good opportunity for some PR this week

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So imagine there was this massive company that most people knew, whether they'd used it or not.

And it had a huge data breach affecting 57 million people. Then it paid the hackers a load of cash so they wouldn't do anything with the data. And didn't bother to tell anyone.

Do you think that would be a good PR and marketing opportunity to get people talking about data security and GDPR?

In which case, Christmas came early today.

The Uber hack has put data security right at the top of the news agenda. Just underneath all the talk about tax relief for first time buyers. 

That creates an opportunity for you. What can you email to your list of prospects tomorrow morning? What can you put on your website? How can you put a local spin on this, in a press release sent to your local media?

Blatant sell alert: Tonight I'm going to write a bonus press release, promotional email and website article to send to my 66+ MSP Marketing Edge subscribers.

If your area is free, subscribe and I'll send them to you, too. Check if your area is free here.

Here's a useful PR guide you can use

The most time sensitive opportunity is getting something out to your local media.

They love a national story with a local angle. Here's a recap of a general PR guide I've written in the past.

What journalists want from your MSP / IT support business

Journalists at your local newspapers, radio stations and news websites, love great stories that will be of interest to local people.

That’s all they want from you. They don’t want to have lunch with you. They just want great stories that will help them to do their job more easily.

That’s the golden secret of getting free publicity. You’re either making the journalist’s life easier, or your business and its press releases are clutter, getting in their way. Which do you think gets better results?

PR is just like all marketing, really. Get the right message, in front of the right person, at the right time.

There are 7 no fail story strategies that I recommend you use. 

1) Be the go to expert: The best strategy. Just ring your local media tomorrow, tell them that you’re a local IT support business owner, you’d love to help them, and give them your mobile phone number, with permission to call you any time 24 hours a day if you can help them with a story. Done right, this gets you into their little black book of contacts. That’s powerful.

2) Generate good content: For example a monthly local newspaper column. Don’t overthink the content.

3) Educate them about something: The average person doesn’t know what they don’t know about technology. What’s routine and mundane to you, is amazing new information to them.

4) Something new or improved

5) React to the news: It’s easier to get free publicity by helping the journalist with something they are already interested in, than by “selling” them your story suggestion.

6) Spot trends or make a prediction

7) Provide case studies: It’s sometimes hard for journalists to reach ordinary business owners and managers (your clients). You can be the conduit. Just make sure you get a mention of your business and/or its website in return.

Get the most from every little bit of publicity

Publicity on its own has little value. The real trick is to make each story work harder to influence how potential clients think about your business for years ahead.

Turn each story into website content. The original press release or story suggestion can become a blog post. And the coverage you get from the media title can be another blog post.

Link to coverage on your About Us page, which is likely to be the second most highly trafficked page on your website. “Our owner and technical director Barbara Smith often appears in Local Weekly, and on Quiet FM, talking about technology matters. You can hear her interviews here.”

Rip the audio and host it in Soundcloud, an audio version of YouTube. You can embed it in your website.

Link to web articles written by the local media. Beware of putting direct copies of the article on your site, as the Newspaper Licensing Agency or Copyright Licensing Agency (for magazines) will come knocking.

You can also put the logo of each media outlet that has done a story about your business any time in the last 10 years, at the bottom of your website. “As heard on Quiet FM”. These are trust badges, and will show that you are a safer choice than other local MSPs.

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