Two clever questions to ask your clients

Paul Green Uncategorized

Question one identifies upsell opportunities

There are dozens of things your clients would buy from you, if only a) you sold them, and b) they knew you sold them.

The easiest way to find out what these things are, is to ask every client this week: “Have we been able to provide everything you want or need?”. Get your support team to do it after every completed ticket.

Most clients will say ‘yes’ as an automatic answer. A few will come up with things that you will never really be able to provide. Thank them for those ideas, then ignore them.

One or two will say something that makes you think “I always knew we should be doing that”.

If it’s profitable and relatively easy to provide, do it. It’s always more profitable to sell something extra to an existing client, as there are no costs to acquire the client.

Question two identifies your most valuable staff

Add a follow-up question: “Who served you best today?”. This might be best done on email.

If a member of your team stands out for making someone feel awesome, they will volunteer this information. Probe what specifically this person did to make them feel this way.

Remember that people are more likely to stay with your business based on how they feel about you, than what you do for them. Members of your team who make people feel good are valuable.

Share the endorsements with your team publicly, perhaps in your daily 10 minute huddle before you open for the day. This rewards those who get endorsements, and can positively influence the behaviour of those who don’t.