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The Tech Tribe vs MSP Marketing Edge [2022]: Should you join one or both?

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One of the best things about running an MSP today is just how much help and inspiration is available to you.

We work with over 600 MSPs on their marketing strategies, and often get asked where they can get help growing their business and find like-minded peers. We definitely don't mind discussing our competitors, so are building a series of comprehensive reviews to help you figure out who might be the best fit for your MSP.

Today we're comparing Nigel Moore's The Tech Tribe with the MSP Marketing Edge, driven by Paul Green.

Both of these services have placed a deep sense of community and a genuine desire to help MSP owners at the heart of what they do. They also both provide a very high quality marketing service.

Lots of MSPs are members of both services, so we're asking the question: Should you join one or both?

The service: The Tech Tribe

In its advertising, The Tech Tribe bills itself as "one of the world's most loved programs and communities for MSPs". We believe this is 100% accurate and justly earned.

The Tech Tribe was started by former MSP owner Nigel Moore. Over the years he has developed it into the support programme he wished had been around when he had his MSP, working 80 to 90 hour weeks.

We've never been this bold in a competitor review before - but we believe every MSP on the planet should be a member of The Tech Tribe. Our founder Paul Green is an active member, and was one of just 10 Tribal Elders.

It's an insanely high value package, including:

  • A very active community with thousands of MSPs discussing every area of running a tech business. The quality of this forum cannot be overstated - it's the complete opposite of an anonymous and troll-laden forum such as the MSP subreddit 😃
  • A library full of training and templates
  • Dozens of tribal perks giving discounts or 'value add' bonuses with popular vendors
  • Access to Growably, a comprehensive marketing software platform. This has a similar feature set to HubSpot (albeit not so polished) and will save you money buying other tools
  • Monthly marketing packs including social media videos, an email newsletter, blog posts and emails. These can be used by all of The Tech Tribe's members

The service: MSP Marketing Edge

The MSP Marketing Edge differs from The Tech Tribe in three key ways:

  1. It's strictly only available to one MSP per area
  2. It's highly focused on MSP marketing with specialist materials, regional versions, and insane levels of direct 121 support
  3. It covers MSP business growth support, but avoids the technical questions common in The Tech Tribe

The first of those differences is why there are more than 100 MSPs who are members of both services. They belong to The Tech Tribe for overall support running their business, and belong to the MSP Marketing Edge for specialised tech marketing (that none of their competitors can ever use) and 121 support.

The MSP Marketing Edge delivers this high quality marketing and support to its members:

  • Every week: New up-to-date marketing including a syndicated blog article, video with a live presenter (versions for the US, UK and Australia) and super fresh social media
  • Every month: A ton more marketing resources including an educational guide and marketing tools, promotional emails, printed newsletter and a press release
  • Evergreen marketing tools: There are so many of these including tools to embed in your website; a book on email security; an IT services buyer's guide (2023 version out soon); 100+ security, tech tips and How To videos; lead generation campaigns; upsell campaigns; sales templates; and so much more
  • Direct support: A success coach will jump on a 121 Zoom with any members. There's also an active Facebook group, comprehensive Knowledge Base and direct access to founder Paul Green
  • Business growth support: Members enjoy a comprehensive business growth programme and bitesize training courses on a variety of growth subjects

The cost: The Tech Tribe

The Tech Tribe doesn't just deliver insane value, it's affordable as well.

Your investment is just US$59 a month.

We're such big fans of The Tech Tribe that we regularly send our MSP Marketing Edge members to join it. You can benefit from the same signup bonus they do. Use this affiliate link and you'll get 40% off your first month.

The cost: MSP Marketing Edge

The MSP Marketing Edge is a little more than twice the price, reflecting its premium marketing content only being available to one MSP per area (locking out competitors), and the unlimited 121 direct support for members.

For UK members it's £149 + VAT per month, and for the rest of the world it's US$199 a month.

Everyone gets their first month free to try it out, and there's no contract, cancel any time.

What MSPs say

In the summer of 2022 we did an in-depth research exercise with our members, asking them about every aspect of their marketing and business growth. The Tech Tribe got a lot of mentions (more than any other service) reflecting how many MSPs are happy members of both services.

Here are some direct quotes taken from the interviews. They are part-anonymised as they were research interviews, and slightly-edited both for clarity and context.

Andrew said: "I was actually sending out some of The Tech Tribe monthly printed newsletters. Then I switched to the MSP Marketing Edge version. I don't want someone else in my area to use it. It absolutely wouldn't work if you opened it up to other people in my area."

Ben said: "My master service agreement is from The Tech Tribe. I want to show it to a lawyer here and he was actually very impressed with it."

About Nigel Moore and Paul Green

Australian Nigel is widely considered to be a "good Aussie bloke" for his endless energy and genuine passion in helping MSP owners. His whole attitude to building his business and community is refreshing.

When we interviewed our founder Paul Green, he had nothing but praise for Nigel, saying, "I've never known a competitor be as open and supportive as Nigel has been for many years. I'm proud to call him a friend and I always leave our (not frequent enough) Zooms totally buzzing.

"The Channel is a richer place with Nigel as one of its leaders on the ground."

MSP marketing expert Paul is based in the UK, and was a journalist and radio presenter for 13 years before starting a marketing agency in 2005. He started the MSP Marketing Edge in 2016 after selling the agency, and has gained a loyal following from his MSP Marketing Podcast which has been downloaded 150,000 times and counting.

Fun fact: Nigel has made more appearances on Paul's MSP Marketing Podcast than any other person, despite them living 10,561 miles apart. They've so far met once in London in June 2018, for breakfast and a walk to Buckingham Palace.