Queen Elizabeth

The Queen’s amazing example of the power of persistence

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Back in February, Queen Elizabeth II marked 70 years as our monarch (probably with a small cheese sandwich and a cup of Earl Grey). And starting tomorrow here in the UK, we're enjoying a 4 day public holiday to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee.

It's an astonishing achievement. We're talking about a 96 year old woman who is still active in public life. Whether you're a fan of the Royal family or not, you have to accept what she's achieved is remarkable.

If she'd got to 81 and said "Right, I've done 55 years, that's it, I'm off to an Airbnb in Torremolinos, time for Charles to have a bash"... would anyone have blamed her? I don't think so.

More than any other public figure alive today the Queen has persisted. She's persisted through the complete reinvention of our society, personal difficulties, changing attitudes to the monarchy, and of course the loss of her husband last year.

Sure, she's had the luxury of extreme wealth to smooth the path. But at huge personal cost, I would argue. I suspect you and I enjoy more personal freedom on a daily basis than the Queen does. She can't just nip down to the shop to buy a pack of digestives and 20 Marlboro at 8pm. We can.

The Queen's persistence is a quality I want to highlight to my daughter this weekend. Because there's a valuable life lesson in there.

Persistence is a strong quality the most successful people have. No matter how hard it gets, they keep going. Sure they duck and dive around problems. But they remain laser focused on the things they want to achieve.

Persistence = success.

That's a great lesson for every MSP owner.

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