The most powerful marketing question to ask any lead

The most powerful marketing question to ask any lead

Paul Green Uncategorized

When you get leads onto a short video call, ask them this question to instantly know whether they could make a great prospect, or not.

I recommend all MSPs focus their marketing efforts on:

The easiest way to do that? Offer them a 15 minute video call with you. It's a low commitment first step that gives you the opportunity to ask them about their favourite subject (themselves and their business) and try to set up a proper In Real Life sales meeting.

This video call is something you should offer on your website, your LinkedIn, and everywhere you engage with people who are potential future prospects.

The call should consist of lots of open questions from you, exploring them, their business, their needs, wants, fears, and desire. The more they talk and the less you talk, the more engaged they will be.

But there's also a very leading question you absolutely must ask. They will give you a one word answer that will reveal exactly how likely they are to become a client.

Here's the question:

"On a scale of one to 10, where one is terrible, and 10 is world-class, how do you rank your current IT support company?"

Ask this question and then be quiet. Give them space to think about it answer it.

Then, you can colour grade this lead based on their answer. You'll instantly know if they're a great prospect or just a tyre kicker.

  • If they answer 10, 9 or 8: They are a RED lead, and are happy with their incumbent MSP. Add them to your email list, wish them well, and call back in a year to see if anything has changed.

  • If they answer 7 or 6: They are an AMBER lead. There is a high level of dissatisfaction with their incumbent MSP. Test if this is short term unhappiness (perhaps because a support call this week has not been handled well) or whether this is long-term. If it is, then they could be a super hot prospect.

  • If they answer 5 or below: They are a GREEN lead. They are desperately unhappy and are likely to take action on this unhappiness at some point. They are yours for the taking. Dedicate all your sales attention on them.

PS for answers of 7 or below, use this follow up question: "Can I ask what made you give them that score?". Your lead may tell you exactly what has created their unhappiness, which is a powerful thing to know in the sales process you are about to start with them.