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The best MSP marketing software? A love letter to Infusionsoft

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If you’re in any way serious about growing your MSP in a systematic way, you need marketing software.

Autotask and Connectwise might be fine for clients. But in my experience they’re not enough for starting and nurturing relationships with prospects.

I use lots of marketing software. Originally I set out to do a side by side comparison of the excellent MailerLite with my absolute favourite Infusionsoft.

But the more I planned the video, the more it turned into a love letter to Infusionsoft. In particular its visual drag & drop Campaign Builder tool.

If marketing is the journey to get you to your business goal destination, then MailerLite is a VW Golf. A good competent tool that will get you there.

While Infusionsoft is the full spec Tesla Model S P100D. You’ll get there a lot faster and be able to do a lot more on the way.

Beautiful. Here’s the video.

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