Survey results: What's holding MSPs back?

Survey results: What’s holding MSPs back?

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For a number of weeks, I’ve been pondering how I can help the thousands of MSPs that follow me, do REALLY, REALLY well next year. Let’s be honest, it’s going to be an interesting year.

So I've decided that every month I’m going to put on a live MSP marketing and growth webinar.

Introducing the:

Live 🔴 MSP Monthly Profit Booster

There'll be brand new content every month. The first one will be next week (you can register here). And it’ll be a big affair, packed with:

  • The very latest practical MSP marketing and growth advice
  • Real life examples of what my clients are doing
  • And plenty of other stuff to get you motivated to take action

I want to get the content spot on right from the start. So last week I asked the MSPs:

... to help out with an anonymous pre-launch survey. A huge number replied - THANK YOU.

And here's a summary of the results, with some example answers.

Question 1: Think about growing your net profit - what's the one thing (above all else) that stops you from doubling your net profit in the next 12 months?

You can categorise all of the answers here into four areas:



Lack of time

And your mindset

Question 2: List a couple of other things that are annoying you about your business at the moment

The same issues as above were mentioned often. But there were also lots of other issues, often relating to strategy:

Can't we all relate to that last one, sometimes?

Question 3: Rank how happy you are with:

For me, this summarises perfectly how many MSPs feel about their marketing: NOT HAPPY.

And that's not surprising. I've said many times before that the MSP business model (huge monthly recurring revenue + incredible retention) allows you to be bad at marketing, and still have a thriving business.

But that doesn't remove the utter frustration most MSP owners and managers feel about how difficult it is for them to generate leads, and get new clients.

Question 4: What's your single biggest marketing challenge right now?

More of the same kind of answers here -  generating leads, sales and more time.

And finally: When and how should I do this monthly webinar?

No huge surprises for me here - the results are very consistent with the last time I asked this - but always good to double check.

Join me next week, then, at the:

Live 🔴 MSP Monthly Profit Booster

The first is on Tuesday 27th October at 1pm GMT

You can see all the details and register here

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