This is the marketing pain other MSPs are feeling right now

Survey results: This is the marketing pain other MSPs are feeling right now

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I recently launched an anonymous survey to the thousands of MSPs who follow me on LinkedIn, Facebook, and on my email marketing list.

I wanted to know about the marketing and business growth pain MSPs are feeling right now. And their worries about marketing in 2023.

Here are the questions and some of the many answers received. How do they compare to your MSP?

Question 1
Thinking about growing your MSP's net profit - what's the one thing (above all else) that stops you from doubling your net profit in 2023?

Lots of MSPs said generating new leads was their biggest issue. No surprises there, I hear this literally all the time. Here are some responses:

Others said they:

  • Didn't have the right marketing campaigns
  • Couldn't get in front of the right people with realistic budgets
  • Suffered a lack of time to build a pipeline
  • Couldn't recruit, so had no spare capacity to sell

And a number of very self-aware MSPs admitted they were the biggest blockage to progress:

Question 2
List a couple of other things that are annoying you about your business at the moment

As you would imagine, an open question like that got a ton of different replies. Which of these things are annoying you right now?

Question 3
Rank how happy you are right now with...

This isn't scientific research of course, and I'm sure the results are skewed by the kind of MSP owner or managed who responded to this (if you're happy with your MSP's marketing and business growth, you'd be less likely to follow someone like me).

But as you can see from my recreation of the survey results grid, few MSPs are delighted with their marketing. They know it's only doing OK or they're not happy with it.

How does this match up to your feelings about your marketing?

Question 4
What's your single biggest marketing challenge right now?

This can be summarised into 2 major issues:

  • Lack of leads
  • Lack of time and knowledge