Beach huts

Standoutability + Marmite = more critics + more clients

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I was on holiday last week, staying in Paignton, Devon.

Don’t knock it. It’s beautiful there. Especially since I’ve developed a holiday habit of getting up at 5am to go for long coastal walks. A great way to get pictures like this.

Paignton, Devon

One morning I walked past a very, very long row of beach huts. And I realised they are just like IT support companies.

Bear with me on this one. It will make sense.

Just like MSPs, there are plenty of beach huts available. To the average person who doesn’t know anything about beach huts, they all look the same and therefore do the same job.


Paignton, Devon

Sure, some are clearly better maintained than others. But if I plonked you in front of this row and asked you to pick one, chances are you’d just pick one at random.

Because the uneducated person makes an emotional choice about which beach hut to use.

Exactly the same for IT support. The uneducated prospect looks at several websites and believes they all look the same, so essentially chooses at random, making an emotional choice.

This presents massive opportunity for you. To introduce standoutability and become a Marmite choice.

Let me demonstrate.

In the middle of the long row of beach huts, I spotted this one:

Paignton, Devon

They’ve moved away from the standard paint scheme, with a large number forty on the door, and this little poem: “Sandy toes & salty kisses. Sun-kissed noses and sweet reminisces”.

Whether you like what they’ve done there or not is irrelevant. What they’ve introduced is standoutability.

In a sea of the same, anything different automatically stands out.

This is a good thing. You want your IT support business to stand out.

Because half the battle of getting new clients is getting them to notice you in the first place.

The other thing this beach hut has done is become a Marmite beach hut.


Do you love the hut? Or hate it?

If you love it, great. Now, given a choice of all the huts, you’d probably choose that one.

And if you hate it? Also great! Because where there are haters, there are lovers.

The more rude emails I get from critics (I’m looking at you Mr P), the more I know I’m building fans (who just aren’t as vocal as the haters). This is part of the process of putting your head above the parapet and having powerful, effective marketing.

Let me make this perfectly clear. You want your MSP to massively stand out. You want Marmite marketing, which turns some people off. You want critics, because critics are a symptom of fans.

By the way – this is what the MSP Marketing Edge is all about. I’m doing the hard work for you each month so you don’t have to. You can see all the details and check if your area is still available here.

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