Stack Fiddling is holding you back

Stack Fiddling is holding you back

Paul Green Uncategorized

Let me introduce a new term that I think I've made up (or my subconscious has absorbed from somewhere).

Stack Fiddling

Also known as Shiny New Thing Syndrome.

It's where you're really happy with your PSA, RMM or some other part of your stack... UNTIL you talk to another MSP who left your vendor for a new, different one.

And they're in the honeymoon period, so they keep banging on about how wonderful this new tool is.

Which sows the seed of doubt. You try to push it away but you can't. One thought starts to dominate your thinking...

"What if there's a better <insert tool here> we should switch to?"

This is Stack Fiddling. It's the process of constantly changing and tweaking your stack, to try to achieve some kind of stack nirvana.

I have bad news. Stack nirvana does not exist. There is no perfect stack. Apart from the fact 100 new tools launch every minute so there's always something shiny and new to look at, someone else's stack is unlikely to be the perfect stack for you.

No, the goal has got to be to get the right stack for now. And then stop fiddling with it.

Instead, focus all your management time and attention on three core growth activities:

  • Activities that get you more new clients
  • Activities that get those clients to buy from you more often
  • Activities that get those clients to choose to spend more

These are the things that grow the business and ultimately generate more net profit, which gives you the lifestyle you want to achieve.

Stack Fiddling does not.

But I know Stack Fiddling is fun for you. A lot more fun than marketing. So here's an idea.

Schedule a meeting 2 or 3 times a year for you and your techs to sit down and do a stack review. Make it a fun and informal way to address the shortcomings of the tools you use, and then decide to either stick with them or investigate alternatives.

This is a much more strategic approach to your stack. And won't interfere as much with your most important job as the owner of the MSP - growing it.