Strictly by application, for the world's most ambitious MSP owners

Grow your MSP's Monthly Recurring Revenue
by $10,000/£8,500 per month

Executive summary

  • I'm creating a second group of 5 ambitious MSPs to work with me personally for 18 months, totally focused on growing Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  • Admission is by application only, with very strict criteria
  • You'll aim to grow your MRR by at least $10,000 / £8,500 every month
  • Apart from a reasonable initial investment to show commitment, you don't pay a penny until new MRR is in your bank account

Paul Green

Hey, this is MSP marketing expert Paul Green.

I'm looking for 5 more MSPs to work with me directly, focused on one thing above all else: Growing your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).

Together we will put in place a complete marketing and business growth system that:

  1. Generates leads, prospects and appointments you can turn into brand new clients
  2. Ethically upsells your existing clients in a way that will bond them to you

This is the biggest and most exciting marketing initiative I have ever done.

And best of all, it's totally, completely 100% risk-free for you. Because apart from a reasonable initial investment to show your commitment, you don't pay a penny until you have brand new MRR coming into your bank account every month.

This initiative is called the
MRR Revolution

I've worked directly with Jon and Jack (the guys in the videos) for a number of years. And it's been a delight following their journeys to transform their businesses. Both transformations started with generating more cash.

If you could easily generate another $10,000 / £8,500 of Monthly Recurring Revenue... what kind of difference would that make to your business... hell, to your life?

A very good friend and mentor of mine once said "there are very few problems in life that can't be dealt with, by using your spare cash". And he is so right.

Need more technicians, or a higher calibre of person? Spend more on recruitment and pay more. Want to offer better protection to your clients? Invest in better security tools.

Better still... want to invest in your relationship with your other half and your kids? Use the spare cash your MSP is going to generate every month, and use it to give yourself time for you and your family. Having a Porsche seems like a good reward... more vacations and holidays with the people you love is a much, much better one.

Paul and Tilda

This is me with my daughter a few years back before she turned into a teenager 😱. I LOVE marketing and business, but I love spending time with her much more


Understand this
Creating new reliable streams of MRR is the key to a less stressful business that feeds a dramatically better lifestyle


What exactly is this initiative?

It's unlike anything I've ever done before. I've worked with more than a thousand MSPs in the last 7 years, including direct mentoring in group Zooms and real life.

But never anything as powerful as this. Over the last 2 years I've been carefully refining what works best for MSPs and documenting every little detail:

  • The right strategy
  • The right tactics
  • The tiny actions that make the biggest difference

As an MSP owner you are surrounded by a lot of clutter that holds you back. This initiative cuts through all the noise. You'll get more done. You'll grow your business faster.

How can I be so sure of that? There are three very good reasons why:

REASON ONE: Relentless focus on action

You'll be working directly with me in a group setting. Based on extensive experience, I'll tell you what to do, why it's important, and how to do it. I'm not interested in discussing your tech stack or bad staff (there are many other places to get help with those). This initiative is a laser focus on ACTION. On implementing marketing that works.

REASON TWO: An invaluable support network

You'll form a close bond with 9 other MSP owners who want exactly the same thing as you do. You'll live the highs and lows together. Entrepreneur Jim Rohn said: You are the average of the five people you spend the most time withThis group is going to surround you with like-minded individuals.

REASON THREE: Genuine accountability

None of us business owners want a boss ever again! But psychologically, we work best when we are accountable to someone else, and especially in a group setting. You will be accountable to your new colleagues (and me) every 2 weeks. Our job as a group is to help each member eliminate excuses for not taking action.

How does it work?

This is an 18 month initiative, giving us the space and time to take a long-term view of your MSP's marketing. Short-term tactics are no use to anyone. We want to build a systemized business growth and marketing machine for your MSP that lasts long past the end of our time together.

And so the work we will do together is structured into four distinctive parts.


PART ONE: Get your fundamentals right

After you've successfully been through the application process, you'll have an in-depth marketing assessment (with a trusted colleague of mine) to assess your MSP's current marketing maturity.

Don't be concerned if you're not yet doing much marketing! Lots of MSPs are in this position. We need to assess where you're starting from, so we can advise on the fastest route to grow MRR.

You'll agree some actions to improve your marketing fundamentals (typically your website and LinkedIn) and start posting regular content. Don't worry - we'll tell you what to do and how to do it.


PART TWO: Maximum Return Marketing Map

This lays out the 63 action areas you need to get right for the "perfect" MSP marketing setup.

Realistically, you won't work on more than 10 or 20 of these areas across our 18 months together. But it's all there as a guide for you.

You'll have a full video and bullet point summary of each action area. This allows you to tap into my brain at the exact moment you need to know what to do, and how to do it.


PART THREE: Group Zoom calls every other week

These make up the bulk of the initiative. They're how you'll have most of your contact with me. They continue for the 18 months of your membership.

You'll be in a small group with me and some of the other MSPs on the same initiative. Allow 60 to 90 minutes for each call, which will take place every other Tuesday and always at the same time.

This isn't a talking shop. It's a hard core MSP marketing meeting, focused 100% on setting up a marketing machine that generates new MRR.

On each call you'll declare what you planned to do, what you achieved, new MRR generated and what you're going to do in the next 2 weeks.

This is all documented in a confidential online system so you and your peers can see it. This helps you be accountable - a major growth requirement that's missing for most MSP owners.

PART FOUR: Private WhatsApp group

You'll be able to access me and the other members of your group through a WhatsApp group, only for active members of this initiative. 

There's no SLA 🤣 But I will check the group every day and reply to every question. it means you'll get fast answers to your marketing, sales and business growth challenges.

What if I can't commit to a regular Zoom?

Then this isn't the right thing for you. This initiative will only work if you attend on a regular basis, commit to do the work, and most importantly... do the work.

You don't have to personally do all the work of course... I'll be encouraging you to DOA where possible (DOA = Delegate, Outsource, Automate). But you need to take responsibility for getting it done.

How much will this cost me?

To join, I'll ask you to pay a non-refundable $5,000 / £4,000 + vat initial investment.

🙁 But Paul... you said I don't have to pay anything until there is new MRR flowing into my bank account 🙁

Yes I know. So why do I ask for this initial investment?

One word - commitment. When you pay out a lump of cash to join something, it forces you to take it seriously. You are 100x more likely to commit, act with urgency and do the work. And don't worry, your investment is safe - it's covered by the Platinum Triple Guarantee (see below)

The real 'cost' of this initiative comes over the 18 months of your membership. I will ask you to declare all new Monthly Recurring Revenue regardless of how it was generated (but excluding licenses). And then pay 10% of it to me, every month, until the end of our 18 months together.

Here's an illustration of how that would work:

Month 1: You generate $500 of new MRR
Total new MRR: $500
You pay me 10% = $50

Month 2: You generate another $1,000 of new MRR
Total new MRR: $1,500
You pay me 10% = $150

Month 3: You don't generate any new MRR 🙁
Total new MRR: $1,500
You pay me 10% = $150

Month 4: You generate another $700 of new MRR 😃
Total new MRR: $2,200
You pay me 10% = $220

At the end of the 18 month initiative, all payments stop and you don't ever have to pay me anything related to this, ever again. If we have done our work together well, you'll keep that MRR for years, possibly decades.

Can you see how this is win-win for you and for me? It doesn't cost you anything unless you generate new MRR. And I don't get paid unless you get paid! 

All I ask is that you maintain an active payment method throughout your membership (GoCardless in the UK and Stripe for all other countries) so I can be paid my 10% with zero admin hassle.

What if this doesn't work for me?

100% guarantee

There's no risk for you, at all. Because you're protected by my Platinum Triple Guarantee. Actively take part and implement most of what we jointly agree needs to be done, and you are protected:

After the initial investment, you don't pay me a penny until you generate new MRR

You'll make back at least twice your $5,000 / £4,000 initial investment
If you don't, I'll pay you the difference myself, in cash

If you need to drop out because of unforeseen circumstances, you're free to leave with no further financial commitment. But it's important to understand you won't be able to rejoin in the future

Do I need to be an active member of the
MSP Marketing Edge?

No, although it would give you a massive advantage, because the MSP Marketing Edge contains all of the tools, content and resources you need to build a successful MSP marketing machine.

The MSP Marketing Edge is my core focus taking up 80% of my working time. I'm so committed to helping my members succeed that I will prioritize applications from active MSP Marketing Edge members. Of course they will have to meet the qualifying criteria.

What are the qualifying criteria?

You must meet these five criteria, or I'm sorry I cannot accept you. I'm taking on virtually all of the risk with this initiative, and this is my way of making sure you have the right mindset and resources for success.

The criteria are:

1) Your turnover / top line revenue is at least $450,000 / £360,000 (we will ask to see your latest accounts)

2) You're been trading at least 3 years, and are making a minimum of 10% net profit

3) As the owner, you're not the primary tech. Third line is fine, but you must have 1st and 2nd line techs doing the bulk of the work

4) You have the capacity to take on new clients

5) You can comfortably commit to a reasonable spend each month on outsourced marketing resources as needed, such as a virtual assistant, writing, design, and appropriate tools

Plus I'll be asking you to make three Personal Big Commitments:

Personal Big Commitment 1: You will attend the initial marketing assessment, training, and "most" of the group Zooms with me

Personal Big Commitment 2: You will find 60 to 90 minutes "most" weekdays to work on implementing your marketing

Personal Big Commitment 3: You will be 100% honest in every dealing with me, whether that's reporting good news (new MRR) or bad news (you didn't get round to doing that thing you promised to do). I can't help you if you're not brutally honest with me

If you don't meet these criteria right now, or can't make the three Personal Big Commitments, then please don't apply. My trusted lieutenant Ben Smith controls admissions and will be asking for proof of all criteria.

You are very welcome to join a future initiative when it's right for you.

What's the deadline to apply?

There's no deadline as such. This second group will close when we have 5 members. Then you'll be able to join a waiting list for a future group.

I have other questions. How can I get answers?

Please email Or book a 15 min call with Ben Smith via his live calendar.

Let's do this! How do I apply?

Fill in the application form below. On the confirmation page you'll access the live calendar of Ben Smith, my trusted lieutenant. Please schedule a 20 minute application call. Ben will ask about your MSP and check you're a good fit for us, and we're a good fit for you.

You'll find out within a week whether you've been:

  • Accepted into this initiative (there are strictly only 5 places, filled on a first come, first served basis)
  • Added to the waiting list for a future cohort
  • Unsuccessful this time (and we'll tell you why)

Confidential application form

Declaration (tick every box):

Ready to send?

Press the submit button to make your application

You're in? Congratulations!

Now please pay your non-refundable initial investment, and then the work begins.

You'll schedule a longer call with Ben Smith for a full marketing assessment. He'll want to run through your website, LinkedIn and the marketing you have tried. There's nothing to "pass or fail", we just need to know where you're starting from.

You and Ben will agree some initial marketing actions, and he will point you towards finding the resources you need.

You'll also get access to my Maximum Return Marketing Map and the training videos. And instant access to the private WhatsApp group.

Group Zoom calls will start on Tuesday 10th October 2023.