Profit Accelerator: A one time opportunity

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The Profit Accelerator has been my flagship service to help IT support owners this year.

I have 5 groups underway or about to start, with one place left for a group that starts in January.

When that place has been filled, I'll be closing Profit Accelerator and won't be repeating it.

Why? Simply because of the amount of my time it takes. I get quite involved in the success of the businesses I'm working with. That's necessary to make a real difference.

If you want more profit in 2018, you should claim that final place

It's a group that meets in Manchester four times over the year. There are only four IT support companies in the group (not in competition with each other).

Interested? Then I've got a deal for you. Where you'll get a 121 day with me as a bonus for taking that last place.

Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Have a look at the full information about the Profit Accelerator

Step 2: Look at the full information about my 121 consulting service, the Discovery Day

Step 3: Check out the combination deal where you essentially get the Discovery Day at virtually no cost. This is available to one company only. Oh, and yes, you can access a payment plan

Step 4: Schedule a call with me to discuss this for your business. I can answer your questions and explore how you would benefit from this. My live calendar is below:

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