Caffe Nerd

The power of convenience factors

Paul Green Content, getting new clients

I’m in Preston, Lancashire today for a meeting.

Like a plonker, I forgot to put my MacBook Air on charge last night, and the Virgin train’s power socket wasn’t working properly (one of the downsides of long battery life is you get out of the habit of constant charging).

With an hour to kill, I needed a power socket and a coffee. Found a Starbucks. Bingo!

But then – a crisis. The Preston Starbucks seems to be the only one in the whole of the UK without power sockets for customers.

Which is really frustrating, because Starbucks is my favourite. Love the coffee, the food, the atmosphere, all of it.

But without a power socket… it’s useless to me.

Across the road there’s a Caffe Nerd. With power sockets (not many though… is it a Preston thing?).

And that’s where I’m writing this now. It’s ironic, because I’m not a fan of Caffe Nerd. But in this instance, the convenience factors (power sockets) beat personal preferences.

What are the convenience factors in your business? Is it the support hours? Response times? Their ability to raise a ticket through email or online?

Can you do routine servicing remotely overnight so your users have less downtime during the day?

Convenience factors are not THE deciding factor when picking a new IT support company. But they are an important part of the decision making process.

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