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Paul Green's MSP Marketing Podcast

Listen every Tuesday and discover how to get new clients and make more profit. The show is about 30 minutes long and you can either watch on YouTube or listen on your favourite podcast platform (subscription links below).

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Most Popular Podcast Episodes

Episode 164 is all about Marcus Sheridan, author of They Ask You Answer. He explains how MSPs can become THE trusted voice in their market.
Episode 102 includes dramatically boost your lead generation, how to send better email newsletters and why you should educate the uneducated
Episode 165 includes starting the best marketing strategy, kicking off 2023 by selling more to your current clients and how to out-perform your extrov...
Episode 163 is all about Anne Tasker, who grew her MSP to £5m in revenue. She explains how she did it and the lessons she learnt along the way.
Episode 112 is a special edition of the podcast featuring lots of industry experts sharing the tips they were given when starting out
Episode 166 includes how to create an unfair advantage for your MSP by building a relationship with your audiences, sell more to current clients with ...
Episode 106 includes simple ways to increase revenue now, why you should focus on making your client's lives easier and the power of storytelling
Episode 167 includes - turn your marketing into cash, keep clients with technology roadmaps and the book filled with MSP's secrets
Episode 122 includes how to prepare your MSP for sale, the importance of being a leader and the next part of your one-page marketing plan
Episode 162 includes THE way to make your MSP's 2023 goal, can you beat my MSP productivity stack and a guy who built his MSP to $10m

Latest Episodes

Episode 223 includes - could you grow your MSP business by buying another one, how everybody benefits from cause related marketing...
Episode 222 includes staff 'red flags' you need to address, 3 ways to make your staff feel special, and making the most of M&A.
Episode 221 includes the power of taking rapid action, improving your website by eliminating THIS word, and working smarter to wor...