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Generate 100+ leads in 90 days

Unique live training event:
MSP Lead Generation Live

See exactly what to do – and how to do it

MSP success

The number one question I get asked by MSPs is “Paul, how do I generate more leads?”

Yes, B2B lead generation is hard and most MSPs struggle with it. But the good news is, lead gen is NOT an art. It’s a science. And there’s a blueprint you can follow.

I have a clear step by step system to show you. You don’t need any special knowledge, skills or tools to make it happen. You’ll see exactly what to do and how to do it.

Generate 100 leads and some will turn into highly qualified prospects – people who are actively looking to switch MSP. Give them all your attention and you WILL win a new client.

And in doing this you’ll have created a marketing machine you can repeat again and again.

In this live training event you’ll benefit from

5 live training calls across 2 weeks

Short, impactful calls – just 30 mins per call. Get the info you need and ask me any question

This is what we’re going to cover together

Call 1
Get your mindset right

Be prepared for success

Call 2
Fix your website and LinkedIn

They are your marketing fundamentals

Call 3
Audit what you already have

You don’t have to start from scratch

Call 4
Systemize 3 daily tasks

And find other people to do them for you

Call 5
Rinse and repeat for 90 days

This is the ‘magic lead gen sauce’

And along the way, ask me any marketing question – I’m here to help you get this done, no excuses 😃

Next training events: Choose from December, January or February

Plus, I’ve designed this to make it dead easy for you consume and implement my expert MSP marketing advice

These are the extra resources you’ll get to help you take action

A checklist to track your progress

See what you need to do every day for 90 days to get your new lead generation system up and running
Lead Generation Live image 2 - checklist

Find exactly what you need

Each call will be recorded with a dynamic transcript. Search the text and watch that exact moment of the video – takes seconds

Cut straight to the action

Benefit from an action summary for each section of your new lead generation system
Lead Generation Live image 4 - actions

Join me on the MSP Lead Generation Live

And revolutionize your MSP’s lead generation
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