My top 3 lessons from 12 months of publishing a LinkedIn Newsletter

My top 3 lessons from 12 months of publishing a LinkedIn Newsletter

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LinkedIn Newsletters are a very powerful way for MSPs to improve their marketing. Here's why

I didn't realise this until today, but last week I published the 52nd edition of my weekly LinkedIn Newsletter on MSP Marketing. If you're not a subscriber, get it free here.

Here are my top 3 lessons from the year:

1) The more personal you are, the better engagement you'll get

A quick review of 52 issues showed, on the whole, that the more personal content got better engagement. That's the goal on any social media network. The more people see and engage with your content, the more people the algorithm will show it to.

Being personal doesn't have to mean sharing photos of your family. It just means using your real life for content, including your business life. This has been my most popular post to date.

2) LinkedIn Newsletters really does reach new people

I can look at a list of all my subscribers. Lots of them are names I recognise. Others are brand new names.

LinkedIn Newsletters gives you the opportunity to build a second audience on LinkedIn. You have your normal connections, and then you have your newsletter subscribers. There'll always be some crossover, but this is an easy way to reach new people.

You and LinkedIn both want the same thing - good engagement from lots of people.

3) Consistency matters. So plan for it

When I started my LinkedIn Newsletter, I made a mental commitment to a year. I did it! Now it's an ingrained habit that I won't stop, because I see the value - it's an easy way to build another audience, and build a relationship with them.

I plan the content a few weeks ahead, on a rolling basis. When I'm on vacation, I write the newsletter and get a colleague to load it.

Every Thursday we publish a LinkedIn Newsletter. So far we have a 52 week streak... make that 53 weeks now. I'm very motivated not to break that.

PS if you want some help setting up your LinkedIn Newsletter, I can help you for just $9.99. A bargain 😃