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MSPs: Why your photo is your greatest sales tool

Paul Green Uncategorized

Let me just start off by saying - I am not a narcissist.

You’d be forgiven for thinking I am, considering you see my face the second you log onto my website, and whichever page you click on there’s a mini-me popping up at the bottom that you can’t escape. Scary I know. 

It’s not that I particularly like having my photo taken. I hone in on the crow’s feet and grey hair like many of us do.

But here’s the thing - my face is my brand. My entry into the world. My logo, if you like. And your face is exactly the same, like it or not. Our faces are really, really important, because our brains are configured to recognise and accept faces. 

You know what it's like when you bump into someone you know? You see a friend somewhere unexpected - in a store, for example - and your brain instantly goes, “Oh! It’s so and so!”, followed by a general warm feeling through your body because you've seen their face.

Well, you can actually replicate this exact heart-warming effect in your marketing. And what I recommend is that you use your face on all of your marketing collateral; website, social media, videos, business cards, any printed stuff you do - the whole lot. Ok, it might sound a bit much. But picture this scenario.

You’re sat in a sales meeting with a prospect and you know for a fact that you’re the third or fourth MSP they’ve spoken to this week. Afterwards, they likely won't remember the name of your business - or any of the other MSPs they’ve seen for that matter. They won't remember the details of what you said either. But what they will remember is how you made them feel.

Remember - the people that you're selling to don’t know what they don’t know about technology. So they're not making a logical decision based on techy stuff when they choose their next MSP. They're making an emotional buying decision, delegating to their hearts.

So, after this meeting, if you send your sales proposal through and there's a recent picture of you on it (not one you're particularly fond of from 1993), they’ll recognise your face. Their brain will then link your sales proposal with how you made them feel during the actual sales meeting. And if you did a good job at making them feel good, talked about their business, it's future, all their problems and how you might be able to help solve them - bingo. 

So, don't be scared to use your face as a critical part of your MSP’s marketing collateral.  I promise it's well worth it. You can email me any time (without even having to see my face. Maybe.) - .