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MSPs: What is an IT Services Buyer’s Guide?

Paul Green Uncategorized

There's a genius tool you need on your MSP's website.

In fact, it's the the world's most powerful marketing tool to take people who are very nearly ready, willing and able to buy from an MSP, and convert them into a client.

That tool is called an IT Services Buyer's Guide.

An IT Services Buyer's Guide should be a really, really long document, like 20, 30, 40, maybe even 50 pages long.

And what it does is teaches the person reading it how to buy what you sell.

'That sounds really, really dull, Paul', I hear you cry.

Well, yes, it is. To you. And me.

But here's the thing. It is utterly astonishing how much someone who is very nearly ready, willing and able to buy is willing to read to make sure they're making the right choice.

WATCH: Paul explains how an IT Services Buyer's Guide works. And gets microwaved.

There's an incredible book by Marcus Sheridan called They Ask, You Answer (which is an absolute must for anyone even remotely interested in marketing, by the way).

And what he discovered by running a load of analytics was that potential customers who viewed 30 pages or more on his website had an 80% closing rate. Yes, 80%. The more they read, the more likely they were to buy.

Now, imagine this very-nearly-ready-willing-and-able-to-buy prospect is on your website, and there's a juicy IT Services Buyer's Guide sitting there that they can download instantly.

There's no gate or having to put their email address in, it's completely free to access.

They download the PDF, it's 40 pages long, but they sit and read every single page. Because it tells them all the things that can go right and wrong when they buy from an MSP.

That is a highly critical piece of positioning.

It places you so far above your competitors in their minds, that the chances of them actually picking you as their new supplier have just gone up dramatically.

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