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MSPs: How to deal with prospects who want a discount

Paul Green Uncategorized

We've all been there. And I mean every business owner, not just those with MSPs.

We've put in the proposal. We've priced it out competitively. It's a great package.

And then the prospect comes back and says, 'Is that your best price?' 

It's so frustrating, because what they're essentially asking you is, 'Please can you give me some of your profits back into my own pocket?'

My personal advice on this is actually very clear.

You should never, ever offer a discount.

Why? Because if at the start of your MSP's relationship with this new client you are giving them a discount, you're setting a precedent to give them one every single time you try and sell them something in the future.

And that's not a balanced way to start a relationship.

Now, I know I just said, 'never ever'. But that's me. There is a chance you might see the opportunity to make your own deal out of this.

If someone said to you, 'Have you got a deal for me on that?', you could go back to them and say, 'No, the price is my price because we've already priced this keenly. 

However, if you want your price, then you have to sign a three year contract.'

And you know what? Maybe some clients would see that as a good pay-off.

And of course from your point of view, if you get them three years, you'll keep them five years, seven years, ten years. 

Maybe that's a good deal to work for you both.

But for me, my gut instinct is always to say no to a request for a discount.

Because ultimately, the very best MSP clients are always willing to pay the right price.

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