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MSP Marketing Edge preview: “But I don’t have time for that”

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Next week I’m launching a new service, called the MSP Marketing Edge.

It’s only open to one MSP per geographical area.

The idea is to provide a stack of useful marketing content every month to help you generate leads and develop prospects into clients.

There are also motivational marketing videos sent to you every Thursday… and that’s what I want to show you today. It’s a preview of the kind of video I’ll be sending out.

Here you go…

Here’s what will be in the MSP Marketing Edge when it launches

Every month – the Done for you items include:

1) Educational guide
A new educational guide (aka white paper) to catch prospects’ attention, and encourage them to give you their contact details. You can add your logo, website address and phone number

2) Advertising pack
A full advertising pack to drive traffic to your website. Including sample adverts for Google, Facebook and LinkedIn

3) Educational video
An educational video to add to your website. Add your logo or use it as it comes

4) Prospect emails
4 educational emails to send out to prospects. That’s one a week. An efficient way to build a relationship with hundreds of people at a time

5) Client emails
Versions of those emails for your existing clients. Designed to improve client retention

6) Social media content
20 educational posts for Facebook, which you can use on other social media

7) Press release
A press release to send to your local media

And there are the monthly education and support items, including:

8) Instructional videos
A library of instructional videos on using your monthly pack. This library keeps getting bigger

9) Weekly marketing video
As seen above. A short practical marketing advice video sent to you every Thursday. It’s exclusively for MSP Marketing Edge members

10) Daily support
A secret Facebook group for MSP Marketing Edge members. It’s a chance to discuss implementation and ideas with other non-competing IT support owners

The MSP Marketing Edge is due to launch next week (w/c 24th July).

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