This MSP's extra £700 of monthly recurring revenue

Mastermind Insider: This MSP’s extra £700 of monthly recurring revenue

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How would you like £700 of extra monthly recurring revenue?

OK. Dumb question.

Today I’m starting a new monthly video series, called Mastermind Insider.

You see, every month I sit down with 13 non-competing MSP owners. And we work together to make each of their businesses better.

Every month, I’ll create a short video with the best ideas and biggest wins from the meeting. So you can apply them to your business.

From March’s MSP Mastermind meeting:

  • MSP owner A generated £700 extra monthly recurring revenue
  • MSP owner B sent 25 books to a warm list of prospects, generating 3 conversations and a new client
  • MSP owner C has moved to his own office and is down to working 4 days a week
  • MSP owner D is now delegating 60 hours a month of clutter to a virtual assistant
  • MSP owner E is recruiting sales person through targeted Facebook adverts and some good old LinkedIn stalking

Click here for the full details of the MSP Mastermind

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