Mastermind Insider: £20,000 or project work from 2 meetings

Mastermind Insider: £20,000 of project work from 2 meetings

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Every month I sit down with two MSP Mastermind groups, each consisting of 13 non-competing MSP owners. And we work brilliantly together to make each of their businesses better.

Better = more net profit and more holidays

My monthly Mastermind Insider videos are a summary of the best ideas and biggest wins from the meeting. So you can apply them to your business.

From August's MSP Mastermind meetings:

  • MSP owner A met with 2 existing clients and generated £20,000 of additional project work. They are subscribed to a high level checklist and reporting service that allows them to set up as a VCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer)

  • MSP owner B has picked the legal sector as their vertical. A very smart marketing route. And they now have an entire marketing plan for this

  • MSP owner C is using Tech Data to rent desktops for the 2020 problem, using Tech as a Service. Locks clients in for 3 years

  • MSP owner D (and a number of my clients) are using 3 tier selling for MSP services and telecoms. You offer people 3 choices... a good one, a better one and a best one. This is a very elegant way of giving prospects choice, and upselling the easy way

Click here for the full details of the MSP Mastermind

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