Making it cheaper for your clients to buy hardware: Super-deduction is here

Making it cheaper for your clients to buy hardware: Super-deduction is here

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This is one for my UK readers only.

Happy super-deduction day! I even prepared a card in Moonpig... Card

Wait... you're not celebrating today? You're not gathering 6 people together in your garden and giving them Champagne?

In fact, you don't even know what super-deduction is???

Well, to be fair, many people don't. But it's a good one, so start rubbing your thighs in excitement as you read on.

Here's the overview. And below is a short video I filmed with my crack accountant Rob Bowden, an MSP Accountant.

What is super-deduction?
It’s a new temporary tax relief. When limited companies buy certain new equipment (including computers) they can claim 130% capital allowance. So if your client spends £1,000 on computers, it will reduce their corporation tax bill as if they had spent £1,300.

How does that affect me?
You can educate your clients and prospects, and encourage them to invest in new computers. In fact, we're about to add some marketing materials for this as a bonus for members of the MSP Marketing Edge.

What’s the deadline?
It started today (1st April 2021) and will last for 2 years, until 31st March 2023.

Where can I learn more about this?
The government has the lowdown.

Here's some advice from MSP accountant Rob Bowden

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