What makes your MSP unique?

What makes you better than XYZ IT down the road?

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Isn’t that a provocative question? And it’s one your prospects are thinking, even if they’re not out and out asking it.

They look at your website and they make a decision whether they want to fill in an enquiry form, or pick up the phone and talk to you. Or not bother.

The decision isn’t made with their brain. Because they don’t know anything about IT support – in fact they don’t give a monkeys about IT support.

All they care about is whether you can give them the outcome they want.

We call these people uneducated buyers.

So they make the decision to move forward and talk to you– or to talk to XYZ IT down the road – emotionally, not cognitively.

This is the basis of my free MSP marketing seminar in central London on 16th May 2017 (called 50 ways to get new clients). Because if you can understand that core message, getting new clients becomes easy.

We will look at your business from the prospect’s point of view. We’ll temporarily stop being the owners of IT support firms. And we’ll try to look at your marketing as the layman does.

Emotionally, not cognitively.

In fact, on the day I’ll be asking a business in the room to volunteer their website for a gentle critique and improvement.

It might be your site (it’s OK to say no if you don’t want it to be). I’ll put two of your direct competitors on the screen; then your website. So we can get some context about your area and who you’re in a fight with.

Your marketing doesn’t have to beat everyone. Just your closest rivals.

Pretending to be prospects, we’ll look at the three websites and identify the elements that influence us emotionally.

They won’t be the things you think they will be.

Stuff that DOESN’T make your website and marketing better

  • Awards
  • Experience
  • Size (with a caveat – fully explained at the seminar)
  • Pictures of tech
  • Your partners’ logos

Stuff that DOES make your website and marketing better

  • Your people
  • Your people
  • Your people (so important I said it three times)
  • Text that tells a story
  • Benefits not features
  • Great pictures
  • Engaging videos
  • In fact, engagement in general

Your reward for doing this is a verbal rewrite of your home page, plus loads of specific advice from me personally to improve your site (meaning it will become more efficient at turning traffic into prospects).

Everyone else in the room benefits. Because everyone learns the core principles of websites that emotionally engage prospects.

Once you can build that understanding, you have developed a very powerful marketing skill. You’ll be able to apply it to all marketing. Whether that’s IT support, or selling bikes, kippers or cheese.

When you have marketing super powers, you can instigate dramatic growth in almost any business.

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