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Hello, I’m Paul Green, one of the UK’s leading MSP marketing experts.

For the last couple of years I’ve been in the lab, running a series of clever marketing and sales experiments with my clients.

And we’ve learned the most robust ways to:

  • Get new clients
  • Increase monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
  • And grow the net profit of any MSP, anywhere in the UK

I’m working closely with a small group of MSP owners. They range from a £200k one man band, up to a £2m turnover juggernaut.

We have regular closed door meetings, where we generate a stream of new ideas to grow those businesses.

And then the MSP owners go away and implement those ideas.

I’ll be honest… many of the ideas don’t work the first time. Because you can have the smartest idea in the world… but it’s only when you apply it and test it, you find out whether or not it’s viable.

Often we’ve taken good ideas and tweaked them, and tweaked them, and tweaked them… and tweaked them again… until we’ve come up with a set of powerful sales and marketing strategies that just WORK.

Now I’d like to show you exactly what’s working right now, so you can replicate it in your MSP

I’m putting on a new series of FREE working MSP marketing lunches around the UK.

In just three hours and over a few sandwiches, I’ll talk you through five case studies, that show you really can grow the net profit in any MSP.

Case study 1
How to build multiple audiences of potential new clients

Most MSPs market themselves really badly. With a bit of LinkedIn here, a sponsorship there. It’s all a bit higgledy piggledy.

I’m going to tell you about a number of my clients who have focused on building multiple audiences to speak to.

Yes of course LinkedIn is one of those audiences. It’s the number one place to fish for clients right now.

But you also need to build up your email marketing list, and potentially look at Facebook and Instagram as well (depending on the kind of clients you want to reach).

At the MSP marketing lunch I will show you exactly what to do, and how it can be done with an investment of just 60 minutes a day.

Case study 2
How to build a relationship with those audiences

People buy only when they are ready to buy. So once you have built multiple audiences of people, you have to warm them up using regular, educational content.

One of my clients has really embraced this. He’s launched an ongoing multi channel marketing campaign targeted at 1,000 prospective clients in his area. It’s a very comprehensive and strategic way to touch as many qualified prospects as he can, in a way which allows him to totally dominate the area.

At the MSP marketing lunch, I will show you the multiple channels, and how to cut through to non-tech people who don’t really care about cyber security… even though they should!

Case study 3
How to truly differentiate yourself from other MSPs

To normal business owners and managers, all MSPs look the same. Same websites, same messages… and samey kills sales.

Several of my clients have sidestepped this problem and completely differentiated themselves by embracing video. The first thing people now see when they visit their websites are introductory videos including powerful client testimonials.

Most people get these videos horribly wrong. They need to meet a set of very specific criteria.

At the MSP marketing lunch, I’ll show you examples of good and bad videos – plus share with you an exceedingly clever idea to take videos offline. This particular method has generated thousands in new revenue for one of my clients.

Case study 4
How to create an automated sales system that puts you on the phone with people at the exact moment they are ready to talk

Lots of MSPs do plenty of marketing activity. Yet they struggle to turn that activity into meetings with the right people at the right time.

There’s a very reliable method that has taken years to perfect. I’ve used it myself across multiple businesses, and I’m delighted to now see it working with some of my MSP clients.

It revolves around having someone making very specific phone calls, to specific contacts, at specific times.

And there’s a specific question you must ask them, which instantly tells you how hot the prospect is, and whether it’s worth getting them on the phone with you / your sales person.

I will reveal all the details at the MSP marketing lunch.

Case study 5
How to constantly increase MRR using the profit matrix

If you want more holidays and a nicer car, the profit matrix is your best friend. So long as you work it properly.

Most of my clients have wholeheartedly embraced it. One of them has grown their MRR from £2,000 a month, to £44,000 a month. And that’s just from existing clients.

It’s completely changed the cash flow in the business, and allowed them to move away from unwanted project work.

And has given them more freedom to work ON the business, rather than be trapped working IN it.

At the MSP marketing lunch, I will show you how the profit matrix works. Including all the mistakes you’ll make when implementing it. And the two ways you must be extending it every day.

Put these methods together. And they work to grow the net profit of any MSP turning over at least £250,000
Including yours

Of course, you implement things differently depending on the ambitions of the business and the resources available.

But what we’re going to talk about at these free MSP marketing lunches works for all IT businesses once they’ve reached at least £250,000 turnover. Because they are based upon core psychological marketing techniques. 

And now that they have been field tested, we know the subtle details that make the difference between success and failure.

By the way, your current level of marketing ability doesn’t matter. Just follow my plan step by step. There are a few technical bits to get set up, and you can always outsource those.

But you must understand the strategy first

And that’s why these MSP marketing lunches are for owners and senior managers only.

They’re NOT for:

  • One man bands
  • Businesses turning over less than £250,000
  • Marketing staff
  • Administrators
  • The member of your team who does “a bit of social media” for you now and again.

This is a high level, strategic marketing lunch. It’s critical you are a decision maker in the business. Because half the battle of making this marketing strategy work, is believing in it and mobilising your team to believe in it.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to know much about marketing to benefit. One of my super powers is to explain powerful marketing in a way that literally anyone can understand.

There’s another reason you must be a decision maker in the business to attend this event.

Have you wondered why I’m willing to give away a free lunch to dozens of MSPs?

It’s because this lunch is a “try before you buy”, free taster of my MSP Net Profit Boot Camp

The MSP Net Profit Boot Camp is a powerful vehicle that allows me to work directly with MSP owners, showing them the growth strategy in detail, and supporting them through their implementation of it.

This is how I can justify putting on these MSP marketing lunches for free. There’s no hard sell and of course no obligation to buy anything, ever.

But it’s a great way for you to get to know me, and vice versa. A number of the people attending the lunch will choose to join me for the MSP Net Profit Boot Camp. Those people fund these free lunches.

For me, it’s beautiful to watch an owner transform their life by transforming their business. And I’d like you to be aware of what we can do together, in case this is what you’ve been looking for you to fix your marketing and grow your business’s net profit.

Lots of other MSPs have been to my events in the last few years… here’s what some of them have to say

“My favourite part was that it gave you clear points to focus on.

“It’s worth your time.”

Conor Callanan, Core

“I feared that it would just be a sales pitch with nothing of value. That did not come true – thank you!

“Instead I got a lot of new ideas which I am putting to work.”

John Miller, Smarter Technologies

“With it being a free seminar, I was afraid I was not going to receive quality information. However, I learnt more than I was anticipating.

“Paul had great techniques; using real-life examples and was engaging throughout.

“I would definitely recommend attending Paul’s seminars as you learn so much and look at your company with a fresh perspective.”

Naam Kaur, eConker

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Thursday 23rd January 2020

Hilton Reading
Drake Way,
Reading RG2 0GQ

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12pm to 3.30pm
FREE for MSP owners & managers



Tuesday 28th January 2020

Suites Hotel
Ribblers Lane, Prescot,
Merseyside L34 9HA

Convenient parking on site

12pm to 3.30pm
FREE for MSP owners & managers



Thursday 6th February 2020

Holiday Inn Express (Jct 15 M1)
Loake Close, Grange Park
Northampton NN4 5EZ

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12pm to 3.30pm
FREE for MSP owners & managers

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Wednesday 26th February 2020

Boclair House Hotel
100 Milngavie Road, Bearsden
Glasgow G61 2TQ

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12pm to 3.30pm
FREE for MSP owners & managers

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Tuesday 3rd March 2020

Holiday Inn Express (Jct 15 M4)
Merthyr Road, Tongwynlais,
Cardiff CF15 7AD

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12pm to 3.30pm
FREE for MSP owners & managers



Wednesday 18th March 2020

Mercure George Washington Hotel
Stone Cellar Road, High Usworth
Washington NE37 1PH

Convenient parking on site

12pm to 3.30pm
FREE for MSP owners & managers

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West Bromwich

Tuesday 21st April 2020

Mercure Birmingham West
Birmingham Road,
West Bromwich B70 6TU

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12pm to 3.30pm
FREE for MSP owners & managers

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Wednesday 29th April 2020

DoubleTree by Hilton Sheffield Park
Chesterfield Road South,
Sheffield S8 8BW

Convenient parking on site

12pm to 3.30pm
FREE for MSP owners & managers

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London Waterloo

Tuesday 5th May

Hampton by Hilton Waterloo
157 Waterloo Road,
London SE1 8XA

Waterloo / Southwark station

12pm to 3.30pm
FREE for MSP owners & managers

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