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The link between what you do each day, and achieving goals

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I'm writing this article at 5.39am on a Tuesday morning.

Not because I'm an insomniac. Or have a dog that needs walking.

But because I get up at 5am every day to GTD.

Get. Things. Done.

It's a habit I've carried through from my days as a radio presenter. Getting up at 4am in my 20s, turned into getting up at 5am as a business owner in my 30s and 40s.

So what do I actually do in this time?

Anything that gets me new clients. Gets those clients to buy from me more often. Or spend more when they buy.

In short, anything that grows my business and gets me closer to my goals.

Over the last few weeks I've been out on the road presenting business growth seminars to MSP owners. And I drew this diagram a lot.

Vision, Goal, Strategy, Tactics and Daily Activities

Everyone has a vision for their future life. For most it involves spending more time doing the things they love (outside of work) with the people they love.

And generating more cash to make it easier to do those things, or buy the time back.

Some people turn that vision into hard SMART goals.

You can use those clear goals to define the correct strategy for growth.

And once you have a clear strategy, the specific tactics become crystal clear. The question of "should I use Facebook?" is easy to answer when you understand the goal and the strategy.

The choice of tactics leads then to what you actually do on a daily basis.

I get up at 5am every day to guarantee I spend at least 90 minutes a day growing my business, no matter what the day throws at me.

Spending 60 to 90 minutes a day working ON your business (rather than IN it) is the key to the future life you want to live

It forms the basis of the new MSP Mastermind I'm starting at the end of March.

I'm going to guide 26 MSP owners - across two monthly groups - what to do to grow their business.

It'll be focused on small actions. Literally the tiny tasks you can undertake every day to improve the business by 1%.

This concept of marginal gains can change lives considerably, over time.

And it all starts with finding time to work on the business every day. 

NOTE: No other rational person does this at 5am! That's just me. Ignore the crazy time, but pay heed to the connection between what you do every day, and achieving your vision for the life you always wanted to live.

I'm accepting applications for the MSP Mastermind right now. At time of writing there are just 6 places left.

Click here to see the full details and how to apply.