How to generate hundreds of leads... then turn some into prospects & clients

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Hi, this is Paul Green.

I'm pretty sure your MSP is doing OK, or even "really good" right now. You're probably insulated from the worst effects of Covid, because you've got some great clients, awesome retention, and high levels of Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).

But maybe the thing you're struggling with - as many MSPs are - is getting enough:

  • Leads (people who are listening to your marketing)
  • Prospects (people you're having a 121 conversation with)
  • And new clients

Put another way, maybe you don't have a sales machine set up in your business - a lead generation system that will consistently and systematically bring new leads into the business, qualify them, and work them through a sales funnel.

Paul Green, owner of Paul Green's MSP Marketing

Because without this, getting new clients will always be a bit "hit and miss"

Don't get me wrong, there are tons of ways to get new clients. Such as:

  • Going to networking meetings: Although there aren't many of those happening right now
  • Referrals from existing clients: These are the best kind of clients you can get. But it's hard to systemise referrals, or control the flow of them. And you can be referred in completely the wrong way ("yeah, if your home printer won't work at 9pm on a Sunday, just call him on his mobile... he won't mind at all" 😱😱😱 )
  • And even cold calling: Although it sucks the very life force out of most people... 

Since I started my first business in 2005, I've tried ALL of these things, and MORE. And I was never, ever, EVER happy with any of them.

Why? Because they always seemed a bit haphazard. I didn't want to have to haul myself to a networking meeting at 7am to eat an unhealthy and overpriced fried breakfast, then realise to my horror it was the same plumbers and accountants in the room as last week... 😡


What I wanted was a way to bring leads into the business in a systematic and consistent way. And around about 2010, I found it.

I'd made it a habit to constantly reinvest in myself, and improve my business owner and marketing skills. That meant buying lots of training courses, going to events, reading dozens of books a year, and just being a sponge. Taking it all in.

Sometimes, one idea combined with another idea, and with a sprinkle of something else, equalled a marketing technique that was on a whole different level.

Over time, I put together my own 3 step version of a lead generation system that's worked for thousands of B2B businesses worldwide. It's what I've been teaching you in my recent lead gen mini course.

Jeremy Ross - Google Review

1) Build multiple audiences 2) Build a relationship with them 3) Commercialise that relationship

In my first business (a niche healthcare marketing agency), this system worked VERY well. We generated 12,000 leads in about 3 years. And used the system to turn those leads into £1m of business a year.

The exact same system is working brilliantly for me in this business, too.

What started as a lifestyle sideline after I sold my first business in 2016 (I took 6 months off thinking it would be bliss... and I was SO bored) has now become a serious full-time concern with 350+ active clients worldwide, 4 full-time staff, a bunch of virtual assistants, and a massive network of outsourced freelancers.

As of 23rd September 2020, these are the numbers I have in my four audiences:

Email list
Paul Green's MSP Marketing

(screenshot from Infusionsoft, my CRM)

Facebook group
Paul Green's MSP Marketing

(screenshot from my MSP Marketing Facebook group)

LinkedIn contacts
Paul Green's MSP Marketing

(screenshot from LinkedIn)

Podcast listens
Paul Green's MSP Marketing

(screenshot from Castos, my podcast host)

Don't get me wrong, lots of people have MUCH bigger numbers than that. My numbers are tiny, really. The quality is great; an estimated 98%... we kick out anyone that's not exactly within our target.

But for a business that exists primarily to give me the time and cash I need to:

  • Live a really great life
  • Enjoy meaningful work
  • And be an epic parent (all at the same time)

... well, those numbers are more than enough.

I'm genuinely not telling you all this to brag. I just want to show you that I know how to generate leads, some of whom turn into clients!


Because I'm launching a brand new short programme called the Lead Gen Kickstarter.

It's designed to help MSP owners and managers like you. To understand this lead generation system, and know exactly how to implement it. Because implementation is the only silver bullet in marketing.

There are two powerful parts to the programme.

Part one: You'll have a 30 minute 121 Zoom with my "secret weapon" James Lyon

James first started working with me years ago in my first business. He came in as a junior writer. And within a year was heading up an entire division that was generating a quarter of the business's revenue!

How come? Because even in his early 20s, he thought and acted like a successful business owner. Every opportunity I gave him, he took and ran with, no matter the challenges,

I have no doubt that one day he'll have his own incredibly successful business. Hey, maybe I'll be working for him 🤣

But for now, he's back working for me in this business. We have a great partnership - I'm the marketing strategist in the business, and he's the analyst and tactician. He has the attention to detail I don't. And he's particularly skilled at lead gen.

Paul Green's MSP Marketing

I often refer to James as my "secret weapon". Because he takes ideas we generate together and runs with them... trying iteration after iteration after iteration, until eventually we find something that works really, really well.

On your 121 Zoom with James: He'll do an audit of your current lead generation, then help you build an action plan to get your lead gen started. He'll take into account your available resources and any limitations. So you'll have a real life plan you can get started on straight away.

As soon as you've invested in this programme, you'll have access to James' live calendar to book your call.

Part two: 3x follow-up group calls with me

You, me and the other MSPs on this programme will jump on a Zoom call three times.

This is your chance to ask me directly about the implementation of your lead gen. You can see what others are doing, and what progress they have made. These calls will also help you set deadlines for action.

Don't worry if you miss a call - they'll be recorded, transcribed, and emailed to you.

Plus you get direct access to me on email for the entire length of the programme. Ask any question, any time, and I'll get back to you with the answer.

The group follow-up calls are on these dates:

Tuesday 20th October 2020
6pm British Summer Time

Tuesday 24th November 2020
6pm GMT

Tuesday 15th December 2020
6pm GMT

Rescheduled to Tuesday 12th January 2021
6pm GMT

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This programme is only open for sign up until 10pm BST on Friday 2nd October

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I've deliberately made this programme a no brainer for you. Including the way you pay for it

UK: £297 + vat
Paid by GoCardless
USA + rest of world: $367
Paid by Stripe credit card

If you're already a client of mine and have an active GoCardless / Stripe, we can add this to your existing payment. If not, you can set up a new payment below.

Remember - this programme will run for one time only. And is only available for sign up till 10pm BST on Friday 2nd October.

If you've got any questions, email Or skip to the very bottom of the page, and book a 15 minute phone call with my business partner Ben Smith.

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Or book a 15 minute Zoom call with my business partner Ben Smith