This is Inner Circle

And it’s only for the most ambitious MSP owners

People who are deadly serious about achieving their business goals in the next 18 months

Hello, I’m Paul Green.

If you consider yourself that deadly serious MSP owner, let me explain exactly what Inner Circle is, and why it’s so powerful.

You see, I’ve been working with MSPs for about 5 years now. But before that, in a previous business, I enjoyed a decade working with hundreds and hundreds of other business owners:

  • Helping them to fix their marketing
  • Dealing with all of the other problems holding them back
  • And then leveraging all of that positive change into growing their net profit, and ultimately their personal incomes

I sold that business in 2016. During the last year of my ownership, I experimented with some different formats; different ways to work with business owners that I’d always wanted to try.

And that was when I stumbled across an incredibly powerful way of supporting business owners, that today I call Inner Circle.

It’s a focused two day deep dive, every other month. You deliberately get away from your staff, clients and family for two days, so you can intensely focus on your business.

You’ll never guess what I found tucked in a marketing book when I moved house earlier this year… it’s the original Inner Circle ideas napkin, from an impromptu brainstorm with my team in a London bar, circa 2015 😃

To really understand the power of Inner Circle and how your MSP will benefit, there are just five things you need to know.

1) We meet to “deep dive” for two consecutive days, every other month

These two days are run by me. They’ve been specifically designed to help you focus like a laser beam on both the long-term, and short-term changes you need to make to your business.

There’s a powerful mix of different elements to keep your energy levels high, and ensure every MSP in the room gets enormous value. They include:

  • Current marketing & business best practice updates
  • A long discussion session and focus on each business
  • 121s for each MSP with my digital marketing expert
  • An optional social gathering to help the group bond (everyone stays overnight, either at the meeting hotel or a nearby Premier Inn)
  • Working breakfast to chew through a specific growth subject
  • Detailed action planning, and reporting on implementation intentions

The meetings are fully Covid-safe, with a huge room for our meeting. We meet in DoubleTree by Hilton hotel, and they are taking their Covid responsibilities very seriously.

You can see the meeting location, and dates to the end of 2021 here.

2) You’ve got plenty of support from me personally inbetween the meetings

It’s critical that inbetween meetings, you have access to me to:

  • Clarify your thinking from when we met
  • Ask questions about details you may have missed
  • Use me for accountability and ensure you implement correctly

So inbetween meetings, you have direct access to me in two ways.

First of all, you can jump on a 121 video call with me. I run a support line twice every week only for my active clients. It’s an opportunity to grab 5 or 10 minutes to discuss your marketing.

Secondly, you’ll have my private email address, and can email me with questions or looking for my opinion, as often as you like.

3) It’s strictly limited to 13 MSPs. And you must be approved by me

13 is the optimum number for a group like this. It’s big enough to ensure a quality mix of personalities, ideas and opinions. Yet it’s not too many people… so everyone gets a big chunk of quality time focused on their business.

But what’s this about being approved by me? Let me explain. I run this whole business for fun first, and income second. I’ve said that publicly right from day one.

And that means I choose who I want to spend two days locked in a room with 😃

I have a “no d*ckheads” rule about my life and business. Life’s too short to put up with people in the bottom 20% of the bottom 20%, right? Because experience tells me they’ll annoy most other people in the room too.

So I personally sign off on every MSP who applies to join. Unless you’re one of the tiny minority who’s been needlessly rude to me, or has unfairly criticised me in public (I welcome being critiqued; but rudeness for the sake of impact I cannot stand)… then you have nothing to worry about 🤣

4) This is the only face to face group I’m seeing right now. And that’s not going to change for the foreseeable future

Over the last 5 years I’ve been working towards running these Inner Circle meetings. Covid just gave me a chance to accelerate my plans (because I transformed my regular MSP Masterminds into Zoom-only meets).

I absolutely adore the deep dive format. You can really get so much more done with a business over a focused two days.

However… the price I pay for that is total and utter mental exhaustion! Hey, I’m no spring chicken, you know… 🤣 The day after our Inner Circle meeting has ended, I have to clear my diary and just relax & recharge.

So this is the only group I’ll be running. There won’t be a second group, or any other kind of face to face meetings. Just this, because it’s fun and rewarding for me at the same time.

5) There’s no long-term commitment. You can cancel any time

No commitment.

No contract.

No minimum term.


Do this because you love it and get value from it. The second that stops, you can cancel.

I hope that shows you how much faith I have in the power of the Inner Circle to make a dramatic difference to your MSP. I’ve completely de-risked it for you. If I don’t deliver, you can walk away.

(hell, you don’t even have to tell me face to face, you can just email me… or even my team 😃)


I’m sure there’s one more thing you want to know:
How much is it, and do we have any spaces?

Your investment for the Inner Circle is £597 + vat per month. For total clarity:

  1. You pay every month by GoCardless, even though we only meet every other month. This makes cash flow easier for us both. But also you continue to benefit from my inbetween meetings support every single week of the year
  2. You pay even if you can’t attend for a month. I know that’s really tough. But it’s no different to you charging your clients for IT support every month, whether they use it or not. You’re always welcome to send a senior member of your team in your place, if you want to
  3. You need to pay for your hotel bedroom on top (we have access to a discount code, plus there are loads of Premier Inns near the hotel).
As of Monday 12th October 2020, we currently have one space available

Here’s what to do next

Ben Smith

Ben Smith

Book a 15 minute Zoom with my business partner, MSP growth specialist Ben Smith.

We need to check that you won’t clash with anyone else already in the room. And that you’d be approved by me 😃

Ben’s live calendar is below. Pick a 15 minute Zoom time that best suits you.

Remember, there’s zero commitment at this stage. You’re just discussing it