If you're uneasy about your clients (or your MSP) being breached, watch this

If you’re uneasy about your clients (or your MSP) being breached, watch this

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As you might know, I'm not a tech. But I spend all day every day talking to MSP owners and managers.

And I know there's a growing fear about your clients being hacked because of something you did or didn't do... or worse, your business gets hacked 😬

A friend and client of mine, Andrew Eardley, was motivated to create a set of tools to protect his MSP, Prompt PC. He wanted to sleep better at night.

He now sells these tools to hundreds of other MSPs, to help them mitigate many of the security risks in Microsoft 365. As a bonus, they can also create a revenue stream and let first line techs do some third line work.

In this exclusive video, we discuss:

  • Why you should be scared about what's happening in 365 that you don't know about
  • The basic 365 security problems some MSPs don't know about
  • How Andrew has started work with some MSPs, only for them to discover they have unauthorised and hidden email forwarders... in their own system 😳

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