MSP: The Easy Upsell

I wrote a little play, called “MSP: The Easy Upsell”

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I wrote a little play. I call it MSP: The Easy Upsell.

And you have a starring role.

Here's the script.

STAGE DIRECTION: The scene opens in your client's office. They are busy doing whatever they do. Busy busy busy.

Their phone rings. The voice on the other end announces it's YOU. They tut, stop what they're doing and fix a weak smile to their face.

CLIENT: Hello it's Richard.

YOU: Hi Richard, how you doing today?

CLIENT: Yep good thanks, you?

YOU: Actually I didn't sleep well last night.

CLIENT: Too much sun? Or was the footy too exciting for you?

YOU: It was a good game, wasn't it? Who'd have thought England would beat Brazil 17-1.

(Note: I don't do football, so please don't email telling me they're in different groups or the score would be the other way round, or whatever. As far as I'm concerned it's still Pelé and Kevin Keegan).

YOU: No, what was keeping me up was thinking about you just before I went to bed.

CLIENT: (now paying full attention for the first time on the call) Er... OK...

YOU: If my records are right, you have 9 laptops in your business, yeah?

CLIENT: Er... (mentally adds up in his head)... 10 actually, we bought another one online a few months ago. Did they not tell you about it?

YOU: (rolling your eyes) No. I'll tell the helpdesk so they know. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that none of your laptops are encrypted.

CLIENT: What does that mean?

YOU: Well never mind the technical aspects. What it means is if you left one of them on a train, anyone could get access to the data on it. And you remember that GDPR thing that started a month or so ago.


YOU: Well under that you'd have to tell the Information Commissioner's Office... and worse, you'd have to tell every single person whose data is on the laptop.

CLIENT: That would be an awkward conversation to have.

YOU: Exactly! The reason I thought of you was because we've just fixed this for another client.

CLIENT: I bet it's expensive.

YOU: Actually, it's not. We can put some encryption software on each laptop which makes it impossible for anyone to ever see what's on there. And your data is fully in the cloud, so if you lose a laptop it's an annoyance not a crisis. You just get a new one and forget the old one.

CLIENT: How much is it?

YOU: (staring at the price on a pad in front of you, but not wanting to sound too prepared) Er... it's... ah, here we are. It's £2.65 per laptop per month.

CLIENT: Oh that is cheap. Yep do that.

YOU: OK we'll get on it now. So what about Kevin Keegan's third goal last night...


You see how simple that upsell was? In fact, your client wouldn't even have see it as an upsell.

You identified a problem, told them about it, offered to take it away and that's what they wanted.

£2.65 x 10 is throw away money for them. For you, it's £2 extra gross profit per laptop per month by reselling Bit Defender, or whatever service you resell.

Because your client retention is so high, the figures look great. £2 x 10 laptops x 60 months = £1,200 extra gross profit. For making one phone call.

Now apply this thinking to every want and need your clients could possibly have. They won't all buy everything. But enough will buy to transform the profitability of your business.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - selling more to your existing clients is way more profitable than getting new clients.

And it actually improves retention, as they feel you are meeting their wants and needs. Not offering them extra stuff can make them feel a little abandoned.

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