How to generate more MSP marketing content ideas than you could ever use

How to generate more MSP marketing content ideas than you could ever use

Paul Green Uncategorized

How the theft of my laptop generated at least 26 ideas for marketing content. Swipe these ideas... or better still copy my methodology.

"Paul, how can I generate marketing content ideas?"

That's a common question from MSPs who are starting to take their marketing seriously. And there are 2 simple answers.

Answer 1) Let me and my team take the strain for you 😃

There's more content in the MSP Marketing Edge than you could ever possibly use. And we only supply it to one MSP per area, so there's no clash. Check if a competitor has locked your area.

Answer 2) Generate an unlimited number of ideas by going down the rabbit hole

This is a super simple way to come up with ideas. I'm going to take you through it and generate a ton of different ideas for you.

First, you must understand that when we talk about ideas for marketing content, less is more. Yes there's a place for a 15,000 word long "Ultimate Guide to Technology in Your Business" (perhaps as part of a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy).

But the ideas we're going to generate here are designed for blog articles, social media posts or 60 second videos. Each of those pieces of content should be one small subject, explained in a way that anyone can understand.

OK. Let's go down the rabbit hole.

Earlier today, I had a Zoom with Jon, one of my favourite MSPs to talk to. I mentioned that my laptop had been stolen in London on Monday. Immediately he checked I'd taken all the precautions (I had). This led onto how setting up a new laptop is a productivity killer, especially since my home Wi-Fi is rubbish at the moment.

Do you see all the content ideas we generated in just a few minutes of chatting?

  • Gone in 60 seconds: How thieves steal your laptop in a bar
  • Is London a safe place to take your laptop?
  • My top tip to keep your tech safe when travelling
  • Why you must encrypt your laptop
  • You're a dummy if you don't password protect your laptop
  • Are biometrics safer than a password?
  • Please, never ever use this password on your laptop
  • Can you wipe your laptop remotely?
  • Will an AirTag protect your laptop?
  • Stolen tech? Why you must never try to track down the thief
  • I was nervous... had the backup worked?
  • The day my client lost all their data
  • A 2008 approach to backups doesn't work in 2023
  • This is the new laptop I'm recommending right now
  • Stolen laptop? Getting a new one is the easy part
  • Should you get a MacBook or a PC?
  • This is my favourite laptop bag of all time
  • You'll love this wireless mouse more than you love your kids
  • The easy way to set up a new laptop
  • Migrate your laptop? Or set it up from scratch?
  • Here's how professionals save time setting up a new laptop
  • Why a password manager should be your favourite software
  • Slow Wi-Fi? This is the number one culprit
  • How often should you restart your router?
  • 3 ways to improve Wi-Fi speed, instantly
  • Baseball bat or support call? Why your internet is "slow"

The rabbit hole is about following the flow of a relevant conversation and using it to brainstorm a ton of small content ideas. Write them all down and then spread them out over the year. 10 pieces of laptop security content in a row would be dull.

Cool, right?