How a $7.99 notebook can help you pay off your mortgage faster

How a $7.99 notebook can help you pay off your mortgage faster

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Growing your MSP with purpose is about systematically doing the actions that matter the most, every week without fail. Here's how

That notebook you see there... I pick it up and write in it at the start of every single day, wherever I am: At home, in a hotel, and especially on vacations.


Because I know it's my secret weapon to pay off my mortgage faster. And it can do exactly the same for you (and every other MSP on this planet).

You'd be surprised what's inside. It's not filled with closely guarded MSP marketing strategies or devilishly smart secret plans.

Inside you'll just see rows of numbers. Each row is me recording an unbroken streak of activity.

I learned this concept from Atomic Habits, one of the best productivity books you'll ever read.

If you want to establish a habit (or eliminate one) turn it into a streak: An unbroken run of that activity

Today is the 1,630th day in a row I have started the day by:

  • Journaling about the previous day
  • Reading my long-term and short-term goals (written down in the same book)
  • Tracking all the habits that matter to me

With a streak that lasts back to November 2018, you can imagine I'm very motivated not to break that streak.

Today is also the 112th weekday in a row that I have lifted weights for 100 reps. Not because I'm vain 😃 but because I want to strengthen my shoulder muscles to prevent an old recurring injury (if you've ever dislocated your shoulder, you'll know it's an experience not to be repeated).

And today is is the 64th Thursday in a row that I have published a LinkedIn Newsletter. Boom.

All of these streaks keep me going. Just because I really, really don't want to break the streak.

When I wake on a Friday morning and think "CBA to lift weights today," I remember the streak. If I break it, it's back to zero.

No thanks. That would annoy me for days. So I grab my weights, do my reps, and feel great.

Today I'm unusually tired after being caught up in a massive project we've just delivered for the 700 members of our flagship MSP Marketing Edge service.

I had zero inspiration and motivation to do today's LinkedIn Newsletter. My streaks book gave me the motivation. Thanks notebook.

So how does this help you pay off your mortgage?

Simple. You figure out the small number of regular activities that will grow your MSP and its net profit. Activities that will:

  • Get more new clients
  • Get those clients to choose to buy more
  • Get those clients to choose to spend more

And then you turn those activities into streaks. Once you have the first 5 or 6 days in a streak under your belt, you become motivated not to stop. Once it's in the hundreds or thousands you are VERY motivated.