Here's a simple marketing cadence that your MSP can swipe and adapt

Here’s a simple marketing cadence that your MSP can swipe and adapt

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If your MSP's marketing is driven by one off campaigns and you regularly feel you're not doing enough, then you need a system. Here's why

I love that word cadence. And it's come up for me twice in the last week, in a live webinar I did for MSP Mindset, and then an article written for IT Channel Oxygen.

What is a cadence? It's a rhythm that you get into - critical if you want to make sure something happens on a regular basis.

Like your marketing. Far too many MSPs focus their marketing around one off campaigns. These can be great, but only if you run them regularly.

You've heard that you need 7 to 10 touch points with a prospect before they're ready to talk to you? You also need to be in front of them at the right time; the exact moment they are ready to think about leaving their incumbent MSP.

That's really hard to do with one off campaigns. Especially since there's a ton of work to get the camaign off the ground, then its over... and it's too easy to delay the next ton of work to get the next campaign running.

This is why I recommend most MSPs focus on setting up a marketing system. In fact, our MSP Marketing Edge is based around a powerful Weekly Marketing System.

Here's a simple marketing system you can use in your MSP

It's based around a series of repeatable tasks that can help you to build multiple audiences, build a relationship with them, and find the moment they are most open to talking to you.

These tasks can be implemented by your team, or marketing freelancers working for you.

  • Daily: Build your audience by making 10 connection requests on LinkedIn. Collect the email addresses of new connections to add to your email database.
  • Daily: Build relationships by adding content to LinkedIn, and commenting on other people’s posts.
  • Daily: Make follow-up phone calls.
  • Weekly: Send a LinkedIn Newsletter.
  • Weekly: Send an educational email to your database.
  • Monthly: Ship a printed newsletter to your hottest prospect.

Which of these repeatable marketing tasks do you think would work best for your MSP?