A quick heads up

Hi there. I recorded a quick video for you.

My trusted colleague Vanessa will call you this week (most likely on your office number). Just for 5 mins or so.

Don't worry, she's not a salesperson 😃 I know you read my content, and I wanted to make sure you were aware of the MSP Marketing Edge - because your area is currently available.

We only supply it to one MSP per county and we're about to start a huge  marketing campaign to fill vacant areas, such as yours.

Vanessa works in my office here in the UK. I asked her to phone people like you first. If you're interested but have questions, she can book you a 15 minute call with my growth consultant Ben Smith.

3 quick actions for you please

1) Please add Vanessa's number to your cell or VoIP, so you know it's her calling: (661) 249 0488

2) Please have a quick look at the MSP Marketing Edge so you can see what it's about

3) If you know you've got questions and don't need the call from Vanessa, access Ben's live calendar here