The £5 you've just received is an advance on your future net profits and personal income

There's an unlimited source of net profit for every MSP owner in the UK, but knowing how to get there can be tough

Classic Card Marketing Message | Paul Green's MSP Marketing

Paul Green owner of MSP Marketing

Hi this is Paul Green from MSP Marketing. Glad I caught your attention with the fiver I sent you.

Because I want you to think very carefully about how you're going to grow your business and net profits over the next 12 months.

What's your strategy for:

1. Getting more of the right new clients?
2. Increasing your monthly recurring revenue every single month?
3. And doing all this while IMPROVING your work/life balance, not tipping it the wrong way.

I run a unique programme called the MSP Mastermind.

Every month I sit down with my two groups, each consisting of 13 non-competing MSP owners. And we talk about their businesses. What's going well, what's not going so well. And what they can do differently to improve it a little bit, every month.

It's about growing your net profit. The fiver I sent you is an advance on that future net profit 👍

Here are some of the wins my clients have celebrated in the last few months:

✓ MSP owner A has gone from £2,000 to £44,000 MRR (monthly recurring revenue) just from mining existing clients using the profit matrix

✓ MSP owner B has added £10,000 to the bottom line with a more aggressive pricing strategy for mailbox migration

✓ MSP owner C generated £700 extra monthly recurring revenue, with one simple email and phone call

✓ MSP owner D sent out 100 letters to prospects, followed them all up by phone, got 7 meetings, and 5 new clients

✓ MSP owner E is now delegating 60 hours a month of clutter to a virtual assistant. And spending more time with his children

Today we have a rare vacancy in each group. And I'd like to invite you to attend a trial day. It's a chance to meet with me and your future peer group.

If it's not for you, then we shake hands at the end, and you have no ongoing commitment.

If you like it and can see it will help you grow the business, then we can chat about you joining the group.

I'll be honest, it's not that expensive (maybe I should put the prices up). I do this for fun first, and income second. I've priced it so I can work with people I enjoy working with. I'm confident you fit into that category.

Here's what to do next. My business partner Ben Smith is in charge of answering your questions, checking you're not in competition with my existing members, and handling the dirty money side 🤣

Here's his live diary... find a slot that best suits you, and book yourself a 15 minute phone call with Ben.

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