Position your MSP to be ready to hoover up new clients, when the good times return

12 weeks of unparalleled support to get you through this - and thrive afterwards

The Great Big Client Grab - Paul Green's MSP Marketing

A replay of the launch webinar from 2nd April 2020

The Great Big Client Grab - Paul Green's MSP Marketing

Hi, this is Paul Green. And aren't we living in crazy times right now?

MSPs all over the world are battling the perfect storm:

  • Over servicing clients while they adapt to working from home
  • Keeping their data safe despite the extraordinarily swift change
  • At the same time as managing people cancelling or reducing subscriptions... often without realising it will cripple their ability to do business.
Paul Green

And all this, while managing the effects of the pandemic on your business, your team and your family. No wonder we're all exhausted on a Friday evening 🍷🍺💤

The way I see it, there are three pieces of good news to focus on:

Good News - This will end

Good news 1) This will end

This happened to us really quickly. And I think the end will happen quickly too. Fast scare, fast recovery.

Because our economies were fundamentally sound before this. So the second that businesses can start operating anywhere near normally again, I think we will see a mini economic boom. Everyone is desperate to get back to business as normal.

At the same time, I think it's going to be mentally and emotionally tough between now and then. This is going to test us as business owners, parents and partners, on a scale that we've never seen before.

It's a time to cluster together for mutual gain. There really is safety in numbers.

Good news 2) There are both short-term and long-term opportunities

Over the next few weeks there are huge opportunities to find frustrated business owners/managers, and solve the technology issues that are annoying them.

Yes, this is break/fix work rather than generating monthly recurring revenue. But I believe for some of those people you help, it will feed into the bigger, more long-term opportunity.

And that, I'm calling The Great Big Client Grab. I believe we will see a short-term shift of clients between MSPs, in a way never seen before.

More on that in a second.

Good News - There are both short-term and long-term opportunities

Good News - I've got your back

Good news 3) I've got your back

I've been working intensely with my existing clients over the last few weeks. Supporting them as much as I can.

And at the same time putting together a brand new programme, to allow me to get involved and help many more MSPs all over the world.

This help will be both for the short-term during this crisis (where the situation changes regularly). While ramping up the long-term marketing, to make the most of when normality and the good times return.

Your big opportunity: Here's why you need to focus on long-term marketing right now

The sudden need for all clients to work from home tested the service quality and capacity of every single MSP.

I hope and trust that you were up to the job (most MSPs I'm working with and have spoken to, did a great job). But I know for a fact that there were a whole load of IT support companies out there that got it wrong.

They've left their clients set up badly, with data security issues, workflow problems, and generally feeling unloved. They're not servicing them properly.

And it's going to cost them.

Because the damage has been done.
When the good times are back, those clients are going to leave their incumbent MSP. You absolutely have to position yourself as the MSP they can leave for

The work to do that starts today.

This Covid-19 thing is only a blip, albeit an incredibly disruptive one. The good times will return, and it will be business as usual.

Putting your marketing on pause until then would be a disastrous thing to do. MSPs have such a long sales cycle, that you would lose all the momentum you’ve built up through good marketing.

It’s unlikely you’ll sign new clients in the few weeks ahead. But what you can do is focus on the three core fundamentals of MSP marketing:

1) Build multiple audiences of prospects

Email list, LinkedIn, Facebook

2) Build a relationship with them

Educate them with content marketing

3) Be there at the point they are dissatisfied with their incumbent MSP

Right now you should be working heavily on the first two. So you can benefit from the third when the good times return.

Today I'm launching a brand new programme called The Great Big Client Grab. To give you unparalleled support over the next 12 weeks. And position your MSP to be ready to hoover up new clients, when the good times return.

It's only available for sign up until 10pm GMT on Friday 10th April (Good Friday)

The Great Big Client Grab

I'm drawing on the years I've spent working with hundreds of MSPs, to put together a unique programme, that can help any MSP anywhere in the world.

It's totally remote, so can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home.

And there are 3 parts to the way I will help you over the next 12 weeks.

Part 1) 24 training videos + accompanying action plans
Two videos sent out every week on Monday mornings
Starting 13th April 2020

Every day for the last few weeks, I've thanked the Property Gods that I moved into my new house just before the UK lockdown started.

Because at the bottom of my new garden is a large custom built garden room, that I've been able to turn into the perfect video suite.

We've set it up with 4 different cameras to allow me to capture my very best content on video. And I've already started filming the 24 training videos that make up the backbone of this programme. They're being edited by a professional right now.

The Great Big Client Grab
The Great Big Client Grab
The Great Big Client Grab

The videos cover off every key area you need to focus on for the long-term health and growth of your MSP. It's a mix of stuff you need to improve in the business now, and other development areas that will need to be addressed at some point, but not urgently.

The videos will be available in a portal that you are welcome to share with relevant people within your business, such as your business partner, or key staff.

The videos will be delivered in a different order, but the 24 subjects are:

Getting the pieces in the right places on the chess board

1) Scene setter: Overview of the course
2) Vision for your life and goals for the business
3) Build effective action plans
4) Change habits to change results

Marketing masterclass

5) Your MSP's reputation
6) Drive quality traffic
7) Build multiple audiences
8) Build a relationship
9) Telephone intervention

Sales skills for life

10) High converting sales meetings
11) Retain and upsell through excellent account management

Advanced marketing

12) Fix your website
13) Videos on your website
14) Focus on LinkedIn
15) Focus on Facebook
16) The magic marketing accelerators

People and cash

17) Triple your personal productivity
18) People: Where your business loses money
19) Give the business a growth mindset
20) Improve cash flow and net profitability

The bigger picture

21) If you only had 5 years left to live
22) The 7 stages of business growth
23) The Ultimate Transformation: A "finished" business that thrives without you
24) Exiting the business

Part 2) 12 x group Zoom 90 minute calls
Every Wednesday
Starting 15th April 2020

These calls are hosted by me, and are only for members of this programme.

Each call will be split. We'll start by talking about short-term marketing opportunities (critical as the situation unfolds).

Then we'll move on to discussing that week's video subjects, and how to best implement them.

Finally, we finish with an AMA - Ask Me Anything. A chance to access my brain on any subject relating to marketing, sales or business growth.

The calls take place every Wednesday at:

  • London (British Summer Time, BST) 5pm
  • Pacific time 9am
  • Mountain time 10am
  • Central time 11am
  • Eastern time 12pm

Part 3) A unique and private Facebook group for daily support from me

This group will only be for members of this programme. I'll be in the group daily, giving you the hands on support you need.

Remember, this programme will run one time only.
It's available for sign up till 10pm BST on Good Friday (10th April)

And there are 3 bonuses when you sign up

Bonus 1: A private website video review

I'll go through the two most important pages of your website - the home page and about us page - and record a video suggesting changes to make it more effective.

This will be a private video for you only, and will be a critical guide to improving your MSP's digital presence.

Bonus 2: A fun mug to inspire you to keep going

It says: F*ck you Coronavirus. My MSP doesn't go through challenging times. It GROWS through them. This is intended to be a bit of fun 😃

F*ck you Coronavirus mug from MSP Marketing
Bonus 3: Your LinkedIn profile improved on a 121 Zoom call with my expert

He's helped me triple my LinkedIn connections in the last 6 months, and turn connections into clients. And along the way we've discovered what really works, and what doesn't.

You'll benefit from a 30 minute call focused on improving your profile.

I've deliberately made this programme a no brainer for you. Including the way you pay for it

I've priced this to be easy on your cash flow. You pay in 3 monthly instalments for this 12 week programme.

UK: 3 x £299 + vat
Paid by GoCardless
USA + world: 3 x $349
Paid by Stripe credit card

If you're already a client of mine and have an active GoCardless / Stripe, we can add this to your existing payment plan. If not, you can set up a new payment plan below.

Remember - this programme will run for one time only. And is only available for sign up till 10pm BST on Good Friday (10th April).

If you've got any questions, email hello@paulgreensmspmarketing.com. Or skip to the very bottom of the page, and book a 15 minute phone call with my business partner Ben Smith.


Questions: hello@paulgreensmspmarketing.com

Or book a 15 minute Zoom call with my business partner Ben Smith