Can't focus on your MSP's marketing? Change your environment

Can’t focus on your MSP’s marketing? Change your environment

Paul Green Uncategorized

I'm one of those annoying "active people with lots of energy". I prefer to stand than sit. I'd rather walk or run a short journey than use my car. I fidget a lot.

And yet I chose a career where I sit in front of a laptop all day... go figure.

I think this is why I'm constantly moving around and finding different places to work. I'm writing this just after 2pm, and already today I've worked:

  • Sitting at my desk
  • Standing at my desk (it's a height adjustable one)
  • Standing in the kitchen
  • In the passenger seat of my car for about 20 mins while waiting for a meeting
  • In a Tim Hortons (munching a breakfast wrap)
  • Oh - and 10 mins on the toilet early this morning when I woke with a great idea. Oversharing, Paul

This is normal for me in the ebb and flow of a typical day. I get utterly bored and tired sat in the same place any more than about 90 mins.

So I change my environment. Moving around keeps me focused. It refreshes me and helps me keep my momentum going.

In fact, I use this to power myself through difficult tasks and projects that are important but difficult (you can spot these tasks as they encourage procrastination).

Maybe for you those kind of tasks include marketing your MSP. Most MSPs don't like doing marketing. It's a distress activity they only do, because good marketing = new clients = more money to take home.

An idea, then. Maybe you could change your environment to help you focus more on marketing??

I would argue that sitting in your office with your techs interrupting to ask about password resets, is totally the wrong environment to focus on building your business.

Environment is so important. My friend Ed has two businesses, one he hates and one he loves. He has a separate office for each, so the stress of the first business can't infect his enthusiasm for the second 😃

Some of the MSPs I work with have a separate office, away from their staff. I mean actually in a different building. That's where they go to work ON the business. They hide from their team, shut off their phone and Teams, and focus on the tasks and projects that make the biggest difference.

This is not a bad thing. It's a very good thing.

Others work in Starbucks or find a hot desk they can rent. Some like hotel lobbies. Many have a home office and know being at home means building the business.

What's the right solution for you? Comment in my MSP Marketing Facebook group and let me know.